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The Jays appear to tell the girls that they're in front of a guy whose name they do not caption and which is way too hard to try to figure out. But apparently he's the premiere snake worker in Morocco. Jay Manuel says that designers have been inspired by Morocco, and major models like Kate Moss are always having photo shoots and shopping sprees there. Yves St. Laurent also considered Marrakech his second home. Jay says that it's time for the girls to be inspired by the amazing culture in Marrakech, and have an amazing day ahead. They'll have a traditional Moroccan lunch and a fashion tour of Marrakech featuring all the sites that a top model should see. But first they'll be attacked by monkeys. No one seems to be in danger of going full-on My Monkey Baby, and Alexandria is in fact merely hoping that she doesn't get ringworm. Those monkeys look almost as mean as Molly.

The girls walk through the marketplace and the first Aladdin reference is made. Hannah tells us that in the middle of the competition she fell through the cracks a little bit and was accused of not being memorable. Nigel said that exactly one time. I don't recall ever hearing it at panel. Apparently, though, the words of Nigel make a big impression. Hannah says that she has to remember where she comes from. That is apparently a place with horses and parents dressed in '80s cowboy gear. It's possible that Hannah grew up on a dude ranch, or in a Devo video. She is an only child, and her parents taught her that what she has to work with is enough. Now it's time for her to believe that herself. And you know, I could really get behind the crisis of confidence plotline when it was coming from seven-foot-tall bullied Ann, but from someone as naturally gorgeous as Hannah it's just not as compelling.

The girls are led into a lovely restaurant where they get a fabulous looking meal. Kasia says that she has a feeling that other people didn't see her as competition since she's the fiercely real lady of the house, but beauty comes in more forms than skin and bones. We then hear from Brittani, who says that she definitely feels like she's stronger than Kasia as far as high fashion modeling goes. She has a stronger picture, a stronger walk, and a stronger chance of fitting into a size two sample dress. However, the whole Alexandria incident has left Brittani feeling a bit vulnerable during the last two eliminations. We flash back to Tyra reaming Brittani out, and then Brittani tells us that since she made amends with Alexandria and apologized to Tyra, the weight of a waist-length weave has been lifted from her shoulders. Coming from a less fortunate family, she says, modeling is a really risky thing. She has no trust fund that will enable her to take off to New York and get an apartment, and so this competition feels like her first and last hope. She's going to fight until she gets it, and then burn the trailer park in her wake.

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