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The girls show up at a place called Villa Amir, where a fabulous show room has been set up. ALT is there, and tells the girls that he hopes these are their travel clothes. It turns out that they're in the showroom of Marrakeshi fashion designer Noureddine Amir. He started off as a sculptor, and now makes sculptor-esque clothes. ALT and Noureddine have selected some outfits for the ladies and would like to see them walk. Kasia reminds us that ALT is not only a judge but one of the biggest people in fashion, and it's important to make a good impression. Brittani is taken aback by the level of couture in Marrakech, and knows that she's going to have to work it if she wants to outshine the bold and lovely dress that she's wearing. She walks, and Alexandria tells us that Brittani is a very strong competitor and, like Alexandria herself, has a natural ability to walk well. However, Alexandria says, you have to have something more. Alexandria thinks that she, herself, has that. No word on whether Brittani does or not.

Meanwhile, none of Kasia's dresses fit her. Now that sucks. She says that she knows a lot of European designers use plus-sized models, but in this case everyone was looking like, "Why the fuck is she here?" Kasia cries as she tells us that it sucked to have the people go through half the store in an attempt to find something that would fit her. As we ruminate on what is either an attempt to create drama or a spectacular failure to call ahead, we go to commercials.

When we return, Kasia tells us that she put herself out there to be scrutinized, but it still hurts to feel like a giant fatty. It chips away at her confidence a little, she says. In the actual store she's holding up amazingly well, and also is seriously like a size eight. We've all been there, girl. Stay strong! Molly, meanwhile, complains that the dress that she's wearing is hard to walk in and very heavy. ALT is pretty complimentary of her, but in an interview she complains that her walk wasn't the best because she's wearing a ridiculously long dress. Brittani tells us that Molly does have a lot of potential to be a strong competitor, but she gets angry and complains a lot. In front of clients, Brittani says, you have to put on your fake face and act happy, just as you have to keep your opinions to yourself. They're all learning things about how to coexist in a completely contrived, artificial situation. Hooray?

Hannah walks, and ALT says that he likes her control. Hannah tells us that she doesn't have the most experience, but she's fresh and new and is ready for the challenge. Kasia, meanwhile, has finally been outfitted in a skirt that fits. She says that she was just holding it together, and doesn't think that anyone really noticed how upset she actually was. Kasia is the only one of the girls who brought a pair of heels with her, which she explains is one of the ABCs of going out as a model. I wondered why everyone else was barefoot. ALT tells Kasia that she's got control of her body, and he loves it. Alexandria is next, and walks in socks. ALT laughs at her and tells her to go back and take them off. To her credit, she seems to realize that she's a dumb-ass. ALT likes that Alexandria has control of her walk. Kasia tells us that she never thought she'd have to look out for Alexandria, but apparently people actually like her. It's a mystery for our time.

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