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ALT gives the girls a little critique. He points out that nobody had heels except for Kasia, and tells everyone to take a pair of decent shoes in their handbags. Brittani is the closest to having a high-fashion walk, and the great thing about her is that she didn't put her hands on her hips once. Brittani can feel the hate emanating through Alexandria's eyes as he says this. She does an evil laugh in the confessional and winds up with a, "Bitch, you're going down!" See, the confessional is totally the appropriate place for that! Well done, friend.

The girls suspect that they might be heading out on another go-see, and Molly says that she'd really rather go to sleep, dammit. Instead, they wind up on some sort of a fancy rooftop where ALT awaits them with a cup of tea. He tells them how wonderful it is that this opportunity has taken them so far, even after having gone through rough things like Tyra yelling at your sorry ass then giving you a vote of no confidence. Brittani knows it. ALT asks Alexandria how she feels at this point in the competition, and Alexandria says that she feels very, very unique. What? That makes no sense. For the record, Molly still thinks that Alexandria is a fake piece of shit. She acknowledges that she still has an anger problem, but says that she still sees right through Alexandria's act, and it's obnoxious. There is indeed a certain tone that Alexandria gets in her voice when she's laying it on thick that does make you want to kick her in the vagina. To wit she says that she's taking it all in as a great experience, and it's her first country. Her first country? Say words that mean something, you nit!

ALT tells the girls that they're on this particular rooftop because it's attached to their home! The place is really cool, except for all the pictures of Tyra that are littered throughout. Alexandria says that she was about to have a panic attack, in a good way I think, and that the whole place is "so not America." There's a pool and an outdoor shower, and much excitement. Brittani tells us that it's still all a bit surreal, and that she's so happy. There's one triple-wide bed, which Alexandria studiously avoids. Molly gets stuck with it and, per usual, is not happy at the prospect of sharing a bed with Brittani and Alexandria. She's pissed off and mopes about looking -- it must be said -- like she's going to kill everyone, while Brittani says that it's cool. Hannah tells us that Molly was the first person in the house, so really should have been on top of calling dibs on a single bed. You snooze, you lose, and then you lose while you snooze. It's a simple formula. Molly complains that she can't even sleep with her boyfriend half the time. That poor guy must have the patience of Job. Kasia tells us that Molly complains all the time, and needs anger management. And really, you're the one who signed up for this bullshit show. No need to be mad about the totally expected crap that they throw at you. Molly's anger, Kasia says, will get her sent home. She adds a "fingers crossed!" as we head to commercials.

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