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Camel Toe

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "You've made it this far, but you're not over the hump yet. Love, Tyra." Everyone assumes that camels will be involved. Kasia tells us that she has to kill this shoot, and it's do or die. Let's hope that her animal allergies somehow cease when it comes to things with humps. The girls arrive in the lovely Marrakech desert, which Brittani says reminds her of animals and hay. This feels like home, because apparently the trailer park she lives in is also a petting zoo. Jay Manuel greets the girls and tells them that this is the location for their first photo shoot, which will take place on top of a camel. He assures them, from atop a camel himself, that chilling between two humps is not as easy as it looks. To wit, he tries to get down off of the camel, which doth protest a lot. The camel is so grumpy, in fact, that it seems to be Molly's animal soul mate. Camels are not the friendliest of creatures, Jay says, but today he's looking out to see which of them is engineered to be a top model and work through the mishaps to rock the shoot. British photographer Michael Woolley has been flown out especially to do this shoot with the girls, and tells them that they'll be outfitted in a crazy mix of traditional Berber garb and European sophistication. He wants to see the horizon in their eyes, and for them to show him why they are top models.

Hair and makeup happens, and Brittani tells us that she's more than ready to ride the camel. The camel totally needs White Strips, FYI. Brittani is first up, and climbs atop Mrs. Grumpypants Humpypants. She says that it was a lot harder than expected, and that she has to really work those inner thigh muscles so she doesn't fall off. Jay points out that she looks like she's clamping onto the camel for dear life, and asks her to relax. She does, and her pictures get much better. Jay loves her body language, and Michael asks if she's been taking contortion lessons. Is that something you can find at your local Learning Connection? Brittani then decides to stand on the camel, and miraculously does not end up with a mouthful of sand. Jay tells us that Brittani has gotten her mojo back. Furthermore, he believes her journey, and says that she's found renewed confidence. It does seem like she had a very great shoot.

Molly, as you may imagine, is complaining about how hot it is. She interviews that she knows she's always had to deal with her anger and impatience, but given how much she wants this, she has to pretend not to be such a bitch. Michael introduces himself to Molly, and then tells her she looks like a Molly, and she just giggles instead of telling him to fuck off. I guess she's learning. Molly does an impression of herself being a kiss-ass, which is pretty dead-on. She tells us that not only does she have to get a good shot, but she has to be careful not to anger the cranky camel. Vice versa, I would imagine. Molly looks completely fierce, and Jay tells us that she nailed the shoot from the get-go. She feels a soul connection with the camel and moves with it very well, and Jay says that she also brought tension to the shot. And she doesn't complain once! Brittani tells us that Molly's shoot accidentally fell into place. That characterization certainly does not seem very generous. Brittani says that anybody could have done it. Michael notes that Molly's shoot was amazing, and adds that some people say it's luck and some people say it's being prepared. Molly prefers the latter.

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