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Camel Toe

Kasia is up next, looking oddly like a flapper. She tells us that her strategy is to bring a lot of emotion in the face, but also have great body shapes. This is of course not exactly easy on a camel. Poor Kasia looks very awkward, and Michael tells her that he's sure she can find something more understated to do. She's getting posey and catalogue-ish, and Jay notes that she's looking stuck. The camel walks around a bit, and Kasia looks like she's going to fall right off. Michael tells us that it's important for a photographer to feel like he's in control, and with Kasia he felt out of control. He adds that it was painful to shoot her. When Kasia's done she tells Jay that she's frustrated, and that when something's not working she gets self-conscious. He asks what she's self-conscious about, and Kasia admits that she's self-conscious about how her body looks. That is sad times. Kasia says that she's there because she wants to do high fashion, but she knows it doesn't all work for her. Jay tells her that he personally believes that there's a huge place in the business for plus-sized models, and if she's concerned about what her body looks like it means that she's not present or engaged. He's got a point there. Kasia walks off set looking defeated.

Alexandria is next, and is thrilled to once again be working with an animal. She tries to pet the camel, who in turn tries to bite off her hand. It really is like the spirit of Molly! Jay tells Michael that Alexandria is going to try to hold on so hard that a gale force wind wouldn't knock her off, and tells him to push her. Alexandria tells Michael that she wants to hit this out of the park, and Michael tells her that this isn't baseball, and she's using the wrong analogy. Alexandria, being an idiot, tells us that she said the stupidest thing to a Brit, who doesn't even know what baseball is. She thinks she should have talked about cricket or polo. Maybe tea with the queen or Posh Spice, even? Alexandria continues her local tour of dumb-assery, and says that she feels really connected to this and wants to be a part of it. Michael tells her that, unfortunately, being a model is something more than that. He is clearly sick of talking to her. Alexandria conjectures that Michael thinks she's stupid, which is absolutely true. Alexandria has a hard time getting up on the camel, and subsequently has a hard time posing on top of the camel. Jay tells us that she was a huge struggle, and would not let go of being controlled and contrived. He says that you have to let go of the reins and truly come alive. Jay tells Alexandria that there was an awkwardness in her shoot, and wants something fresh and new. He asks what she thinks she can do to get there, and she says, "Direct myself." Michael pipes in with, "That's the problem." He thinks she's overdirecting herself. And then the real Alexandria pops out in an interview, whining that that wasn't what she was doing. She was feeling the moment and, she adds, "They're so fucking dumb." She gets back on the camel and stands up, and Molly tells us that she was doing the same posey shit as always. Molly doesn't think that Alexandria looks like a model, and doubts that she'll make it to the very end. If she does, it will likely be solely to irritate Molly or see if they might come to fisticuffs.

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