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Camel Toe

Alexandria is up next, and Tyra thinks that she looks much more modelesque with her hair pulled back. Alexandria's best photo also involves standing on top of the camel, and Nigel says that he loves her upper body, but wishes her legs were a little different. ALT says that all of the girls need to work on relaxing the tension in their mouths. He would have loved the photo, but Alexandria looks angry. He wonders if it's indigestion or constipation. Franca thinks that Alexandria's arm is a bit stiff, but overall she likes the picture. Wrong again! Tyra tells Alexandria that she struggled a bit in her film and was inconsistent. Additionally, the photographer said that Alexandria was talking back and instructing him. Alexandria says that she didn't say anything of the sort, which is a little bit true, although she did have that whole thing about wanting to direct herself and just generally annoyed the life out of him. Nigel tells Alexandria that how she's perceived is important, and that she's quite often been "misread" and doesn't feel it's fair. He tells her that she needs to be more aware. Tyra adds that the photographer has a lot of power on a shoot, so if he feels like the model is giving any attitude, he might give the magazine a not-so-great shot. Rarely do people say the photography is bad; more often they think that the model looks like crap. Alexandria looks quite sad about all of this.

Kasia is next, and admits that she had trouble posing and making her body look good even though she loved the camel. Nigel likes her shot, and says that he'd love to see just a little bit more light and a softer look in her eyes. He asks what she means about having trouble making her body look good, and Kasia says that what she was trying in her posing wasn't working. Tyra adds that Kasia seemed self-conscious in her film. Her mouth was tight in every shot, and there was the not-good kind of tension. Franca says that there's a lack of energy, and ALT agrees. He adds that the photograph is problematic, and he's not feeling the nomadic narrative. Tyra tells Kasia that photographers always mark what they like, and on this shoot the photographer only chose one shot of her. She thinks that Kasia's better than having one usable shot. She needs to push her inner critic aside and rise to her experience level.

Molly is up next, looking extra smiley. Her shot is great. Franca says that her body is nice and natural and the photo is good. ALT says that in a magazine, it's most important to see the message of the clothes. In this case, he sees the message of the high fashion princess on her own caravan. It's anchored, but she can still fly away. Tyra says that you can feel the model in the moment, and that Molly is very aware but not self-consciously so.

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