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Camel Toe

Last up is Hannah, who tells the judging panel that the camel was an awful lot like an electric bull. Nigel looks puzzled yet intrigued. He likes that her picture looks very current. ALT says that the photograph is wonderful, and he likes her hair and the scarf that she's wearing. The only weakness that he sees is her hand positioning, but it doesn't distract from the great romantic story. The photograph is edgy and, most importantly, he can see the clothes. Franca agrees, and says that the picture is natural and very good. She's not sure about the expression of the face, and says that it's not strong enough. Tyra tells Hannah that she looked through all of her film, and that she was amazing. She was creating the kind of wonderful momentum that made it seem like the picture was doing something different.

With that, it's time for the judges to deliberate. Nigel thinks that Brittani's shot is great, and unusual. ALT likes it and thinks it's dramatic. Franca says that Brittani is pretty, but this picture is made by the photographer and the stylist and not Brittani's face or body. Tyra likes the over-the-top-ness of the photo, even if it's not necessarily something that's so amazing that she'd hang it in her salon. Alexandria's picture is flat, according to ALT, who adds that she looks angry. Nigel adds that the picture is weird, unusual, and seems out of place. He's also not pleased to hear that she's having problems on set again. Even though she pretends and can be quite nice, Nigel says that it feels fake. Tyra thinks that Alexandria has a bit of Veruca Salt in her. Kasia comes off to ALT like a mad tourist. However, Franca says that it's a great picture, but she wouldn't put the photo or Kasia herself in Vogue Italia. Nigel thinks that the picture is great, but notes that there weren't very many great shots. Molly looks very elegant in her photo, and Franca says that she has real model attitude. This could be a picture for Vogue. ALT says that the photo is dramatic and has a narrative, and fashion has to have a narrative. Tyra agrees that Molly is on an international, nomadic voyage. Hannah's shot is very interesting, according to Nigel, though he's not sure if Hannah actually understands the narrative. ALT says that some of the great models don't think but still make fabulous photos. Isn't this counter to everything we've been told about the need to think about something when you're posing? Wait until Dominique hears this! Franca says that there's a lack of energy in Hannah's photo, and that even if you don't think you have to have attitude. Tyra says that Hannah looks beautiful. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

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