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Model Madness!

Tyra tells Jane that though she's proud of the images they captured in the motion editorial, she needs to push through more. She needs to get signed with an agency, test test test, and then make a splash. Tyra predicts that Jane will make a lot of money. Jane is disappointed, but proud that she's come this far. She entered this competition wanting to pursue modeling, but she's exiting it as a model. And judging from the feedback she's received, she thinks she could have a career. Graduating from Princeton is not up for debate, but she has some flexibility about the year when she does it. Gather ye rosebuds and ye cash while ye may, young 'un. The books will wait.

And with that, we get the debut of the fully edited motion editorial. It is entitled "Modelli Folli" (translated as "Model Madness") and is like the "Shake Ya Body (Body)" of motion editorials. It also lasts forever. I don't know what else I can say, except that the gargoyles are giving spectacular face. Also: redrum. Directed by Tyra Banks!

Next week: Clip show! And the week after that: Ann wins. I mean, right?

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