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J. tells the girls that they'll be taking everything they learned in their acting lesson into a meeting with a very, very important client that will be happening today -- a client who is bigger than anyone they've ever had on Top Model before. Ann's response? "Ooooh noooooo." J. tells them not to clam up, because personality is key, and then sends them on their way. I wonder if they'll get to show off their new skill of running around crazily and screaming for help?

The girls head off to their mystery meeting, and wonder as to who this important client is. Chelsey looks into her compact and tells us that she's a frontrunner in terms of confidence and personality. The girls arrive at a building, and step into a fancy glass elevator. We can only dream that there are Oompa Loompas waiting at the top of this elevator to lead the girls to a room where they can lick wallpaper schnozzberriess, and then land in a goose-filled room where Chelsey will be deemed a bad egg and fall down a chute. But instead, it's a building full of magazine offices. The girls land on the top floor where they find, no surprise, a sign saying, "Vogue Italia." As they all wish they had worn something just a little more flattering, we head to commercials.

When we return, the girls head into an office where ALT awaits them, dressed in his fabulous vampire train conductor of the dead ensemble. These are the tastemakers, the dreamers of dreams. ALT introduces them to Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. She's the Italian version of Anna Wintour, but much friendlier-looking. The girls' challenge today is to present themselves to Ms. Sozzani. Simple, yet terrifying. ALT will be observing them so that he can declare a challenge winner later on. Ann is quite nervous, for obvious reasons, but manages to give another winning interview in which she introduces herself in the cheesy acting manner, and then as her extra-mumbly self. She's on fire in her interviews lately, which is a welcome relief from those few weeks when she was really sad and red-eyed.

Kayla is up first to meet Franca. I think what would really make me nervous in this challenge is ALT skulking in the back of the room. Why doesn't he just take a seat somewhere and chill out? Kayla tells Franca that this is her first time doing photos and "all this modeling stuff." Somewhere in the distance, a percussion clap of doom is played. Something weird also seems to be present in Kayla's cleavage, and her bra straps are showing. None of this can be helping matters. She goes over her book with Franca -- which photographers she worked with, and the concept behind her favorite statue photo. After her talk with Franca, Kayla tells us that she talked a lot about her book, but not about herself, which was probably a mistake if she wanted to stand out.

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