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The girls arrive at another crazy mansion, this time in Verona. Jay Manuel greets them and notes that Verona was the setting of Romeo and Juliet, which is appropriate since the girls will be doing just a little bit of acting today. Everything that they've learned throughout the competition will be put to the test, which makes it only fitting that after today's shoot two girls will be eliminated. Jane, ever the scholar, tells us that two out of four is 50%, which means the chances of staying are significantly reduced. It's a make-it-or-break-it moment, and we head to commercials.

When we return, Jay tells the girls that they need to bring their A-game to the table. This is especially true because none other than Miss Tyra Banks is on hand, braless and free, to announce a first for her and the girls. She will be directing the girls in what is called a motion editorial. A lot of fashion houses are bringing their photos to life, she says. In other words, this is a video. Kayla tells us that she's just starting to master still photographs, so to have a motion editorial thrown at her is kind of nervewracking. Tyra asks for hard-core sexuality, pain and fear, which the girls will display while wearing some of the most beautiful couture in the world. Chelsey wants to kick ass, impress Tyra, and make her proud.

Tyra introduces the girls to Valentina Serra, who is the stylist for today's motion editorial and also for Vogue Italia. Her assistant is Francesca Berardi. The girls get outfitted in ensembles by Roberto Cavalli and other top designers, as Tyra gives her feedback. Kayla tells us that the situation was a little bit of a bummer, because a lot of the dresses that she liked were too big for her and were then given to Ann or Jane. Tyra brings the girls in their first set of outfits to a great hall, and tells them that she wants a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe -- like they're thirteen years old and discovering this ornate place for the first time. Given that they are discovering this place for the first time as well as the fact that most models are actually thirteen, this doesn't seem like much of a reach.

Chelsey is first, and Tyra yells instructions to her as she moves around and looks crazy. Tyra cuts, and tells Chelsey not to leave her mouth gaping like a codfish. She's putting the sense of wonder in her mouth as opposed to her eyes. Chelsey tells us that the whole thing was awkward at first, but as she kept going it got more fluid and natural. Tyra yells, "Now I'm coming to get you! I'm coming to get you! Ragh!" while doing a monster crawl that is straight out of my nightmares. Ann watches Chelsey, and says that she's her biggest competition. Ann hasn't been doing well lately, and so wants to bring a lot of energy to this shoot. She looks surprisingly natural in her first shoot, and Tyra loves what she's doing. Jane is next, and says that it was great to work with Tyra. She's also happy that Tyra finally got a taste of her personality, such as it is. Tyra directs, and Jane looks totally gorgeous. She says that, while the other girls have plenty of assets, she's shown that she can improve in a very short period of time and really wants to be America's Next Top Model. Her shoot seems to have gone well. Kayla stands in the doorway by the balcony, then has to walk from inside to outside as she is filmed. She says that she's won two best photos in a row, so thinks she's toward the top of the competition at the moment. Her performance in the first part of the motion advertorial causes Tyra to give orgasm screams, which also has to be good news.

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