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When we return, we're backstage pre-panel. Tyra hates her red outfit, and so decides to change. She comes out in a rather slinky dress, and Franca gives her approval. As Tyra hoists up her bosom, we fade into the girls' entrance. There are prizes, there are judges. Franca Sozzani is the guest judge. Chelsey is first to have her motion editorial reviewed. She looks aged and cross-eyed, per usual. However, Nigel loves it. He says he hasn't seen this diversity in any of her pictures. Franca says that Chelsey's performance is surprising, in a good way. When she met Chelsey previously, she didn't realize that she could perform like that in front of the camera. Tyra was very impressed with Chelsey and loved the rock poses she was doing. What Chelsey has to be cognizant of is what to do with her arms and body, as evidenced by her awkwardness in the initial great room portion of the editorial. She needs to not freak out when she doesn't know what to do.

Jane is next, looking adorable yet prepubescent in a romper. She looks totally gorgeous in her motion editorial, and her teeth can really handle a close-up. Nigel says that the camera loves Jane, but the fluidity and believability don't work for him. Franca says that Jane is too much concerned with being and appearing beautiful. ALT agrees, saying that it's like Jane is editing herself in the frame. However, Tyra thinks that Jane was absolutely stunning, and her face is strong enough to stand out even when it is covered by hair that has whipped back and forth. Jane was memorable, finally, and that's a good thing.

Ann is up next, and ALT commends her for finally embracing her extravagant uniqueness in a white corset and black ruffled shirt. He'd actually want to take her to a party. Not quite as fabulous as being hung in his salon, but still cool. Ann's motion editorial features her collapsed and crying on a balcony. Dramatic! Franca tells Ann that, although she seemed terrified at their earlier meeting, she's very photogenic and good in front of the camera. Nigel tells her that her head was very high in some of the shots, and if she'd angled it down it would have worked. Tyra loved Ann's shoulder whip, but doesn't love her crunk walk. She tells her to practice it and work to develop something perky and signature. Perky?

Finally we have Kayla. So pretty. Nigel says that, out of all of the motion editorials, hers was the most believable performance. A director looks for that. Franca says that Kayla is photogenic in a certain kind of way, but only for some photographers. She says that this is a positive, and Tyra goes on to explain that Franca doesn't like cookie-cutter girls, and it would take a top photographer to truly capture Kayla's beauty. She could then become the next big thing. ALT says that Kayla was stunning in certain instances, but has to grow into more confidence. Tyra tells Kayla that she's a chameleon, but has to really watch her angles and know where it hits right, and where it doesn't. With that, the judges are ready to deliberate, and Tyra drops that the two survivors will be walking in a Roberto Cavalli fashion show. Roberto Cavalli presents Ghost Brides!

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