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The judges deliberate. Chelsey was sexy, believable, and raw. Franca says that she really wants to be a model, and want to please people. You can tell by the effort she put into her bush-molesting motion. Tyra says that Chelsey gave her face, which is a good thing. Jane looks incredibly beautiful and very sexy. ALT thinks that Jane had some beautiful moments, but needs to be taught how to express. Tyra points out that Jane has a big ol' million dollar face, and is the type of girl who can go far. Nigel is amazed that Ann can do sexy, and Tyra loved her intensity. ALT says that there is some superpower pushing Ann, and a force of nature that's propelling her. Everything was big on Kayla, which I guess is somehow Kayla's fault. ALT isn't sure that Kayla is high fashion, but suggests that they should give the girl a script. Franca says that, judging by the video, Kayla can model. Nigel notes that they've seen Kayla have some best-of-week photos, and that she is what they call in Italy "particular." This means special. The judges are particular too, aren't they? They've reached a decision.

Four beautiful girls stand in front of Tyra, but she only has two photos in her hands. And those two photos represent the two girls that are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. And the first girl who will make it to the finals and walk in a Roberto Cavalli fashion show is...Ann. Ann looks totally shocked, and Chelsey is pissed. Tyra tells Ann that she blew her away in the motion editorial, and should continue doing what she's doing. Chelsey, Kayla and Jane step forward. The judges appreciate Chelsey's love for and knowledge of fashion. She brings the passion, which is inspiring. But, though her pictures have been really good, they're not kick-ass. So her past experience hurts her, because if she's been modeling that long, she should be stronger. Then there's Kayla. She's different and interesting, and a photographer like Steven Meisel could scoop her up and create beautiful imagery. However, Kayla hasn't mastered her body or the angles of her face. And finally there's Jane. She started the competition with pretty pictures and a big gorgeous face. However, she lacked personality. Jane was forgettable...until yesterday. Tyra hasn't seen someone who looked so great while covered in hair since Cousin Itt. She wants to buy whatever Jane is selling.

So who is in the running? It's Chelsey. And, I mean, boo. She cries as Tyra tells her that she's come a long way. Tyra was very inspired shooting Chelsey, and the judges have looked at her body of work and said that she has what it takes. Tyra tells Kayla that she has something very special, and that both Franca and ALT suggest that she act as well. Kayla is upset that she didn't make it to the top two, but she's happy that she's come so far. I'm happy that her crazy curly blonde hair only lasted for one episode. Remember that? Kayla is going to go home and kiss and hug her girlfriend like she never has before. She wanted to win this really badly, but is proud of who she is, and is repping her community. Kayla's going to keep going and going, she says. I am quite sad that it's not Kayla in the final two, but hopefully she'll be able to get some work after this.

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