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The judges deliberate. Kayla really embodied Vivienne Westwood, and has fire in her hair and her eyes. Francesco gently points out that she was helped by the styling. Liz captured something in her subtle expressions, and looks sexy despite the fact that she's portraying an elfin guy. Chelsey is strong in her photo, but doesn't really look like a model according to Nigel. Esther didn't connect at all with her character, and her slack-jawed expression is doing her no favors. Nigel says that she's a beautiful girl, but he doesn't know if she's a model. ALT is surprised that Princeton Jane hasn't done her homework on Marc Jacobs, and Francesco notes that she's not really portraying anything in her photo. Kendal didn't know who Vera Wang was, and couldn't find a way to bring her vibe. Nigel says that Kendal's problem is that she's not modeling. Francesco wonders if she wants it enough. ALT says that Ann has a superpower that's propelling her forward. He loves the photo. Francesco adds that Ann had a serious challenge since she had nothing to play with. He's impressed. Nigel loves Chris's shot, and says that she's a sledgehammer of a model. That's Betsey Johnson. ALT says that Chris is a great comedic personality, but he wonders if she's a model. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

Eight beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has seven photos in her hands. And those seven photos represent the seven girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. And best photo of the week goes to...Liz! Even though she had never heard the name "Galliano." See, you can really never listen to what Tyra says. Ann looks slightly depressed about having her ridiculous winning streak broken. Kayla is called next, followed by Ann, Chelsey, Chris, and Jane. This leaves Esther and Kendal in the bottom two. Tyra only has one photo in her hands, and it represents the girl who is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The girl who is not called has to get the French out of there with haste. Esther is the girl who started slow but got stronger and gained momentum. However, she's slipped back ten notches, and the judges are nervous. One of them says that she has one look. It's beautiful, but the winner of this show needs to be a chameleon. Then there's Kendal. The judges from week to week say they haven't seen such a strong look in years. She's like a new colt that is ready to run. Or an extended metaphor who is ready to run its course. Her legs are wobbly, she's unsure of herself, and she continues to fall down in the hay. And the reason she's still there is because of her potential. Perhaps she was born to be a model but doesn't have the skills. So who stays in the competition? Esther does. Aw, poor Kendal.

Tyra hugs Kendal and tells her that she knows the other girls are farther ahead in their abilities. What Kendal needs is someone who can coach her and take pictures of her, so she gets out of her shell. Kendal says that her sisters can play this role. She tearfully says that she tried so hard in the competition, and doesn't understand why the judges didn't get that. She sadly exits in her high-waisted jeans and scraggly weave, and wonders what she's going to do.

Next week: Zac Posen show! And the girls have to battle some serious backstage attitude. And Kayla has some sort of breakdown about a shoot!

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