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The girls return home to find Tyra Mail of doom. Tomorrow, one of them will be going home. Brittani tells us that she and Alexandria didn't have a good day together, and that she didn't meet her own performance expectations. She's disappointed, and feels like crap. Alexandria reenacts her performance for a very bored-looking Brittani and Dalya. Brittani tells us that Alexandria is pushy and bossy. She hopes panel sees that, since she doesn't understand how Alexandria can keep getting such good feedback and moving forward in the competition when her attitude is so bad. Oh, rookie. Alexandria's bad attitude is exactly why she's being kept around! She's good for drama, and it will make her eventual elimination that much more satisfying. Sara tells us that she's a horrible actress, and is very nervous about panel. She doesn't want to be in the bottom two, and is sick of being told how little confidence she has. As she plans her eventual retort to Tyra, which she totally doesn't have enough confidence to actually use, we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. Tyra gives Francesco a big hug backstage and notes that it's hot, and not just because Francesco is so fine. Tyra is dressed like a very sadistic office manager, and tells the girls that they've had fair warning. There are prizes, there are judges. Francesco Carrozzini is the guest judge for the week.

Monique and Hannah are evaluated first. Nigel tells them that they both did a pretty good job. He was totally sold by Hannah's body language and the look in her eyes. He doesn't mention if he is currently seduced by the Blossom hat she is wearing. Monique did a good job as well, though Nigel thought she was a little reserved. Francesco says that Hannah found the key to her character, which was playing up the naiveté. He thought it worked well. Tyra would have liked to have seen the two push it a little more and add a little more cheek to secure their places as stars of the commercial.

Jaclyn and Kasia are next. Nigel cracks up at Jaclyn's bouffant and baby voice. Tyra tells them that they knocked it out of the park, and that it's one of her favorite Top Model moments. ALT agrees and says it was really superb. Nigel was totally taken in by Kasia, and Tyra says that they effectively milked every moment. Jaclyn explains that she was trying to shake her fake booty, and Tyra asks for a display. Jaclyn does, and even drops it like it's hot to pick up an imaginary pencil. Sexual harassment at the Top Model panel! I guess I'm pretty used to it by now.

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