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Catherine is the first of the UK girls to go before panel. Nigel likes her face, but thinks that her body language is just a bit too obvious. Cutrone wants to like the shot, but characterizes it as "Linda Blair does Hello Kitty." Hello Kitty in the midst of an exorcism seems right, actually. I can't wait to see the Catholic church take that one on. Georgina enjoys the strength in Catherine's eyes, and is drawn to the strength in her face. Overall, a decent critique.

Alisha is next, and her photo gets raves from everyone. Cutrone actually gets something that approximates a smile as she declares her love. She calls it Glamatronica Glamazonian, and Nigel tells Alisha that it's her best photo yet. Alisha agrees! Georgina thinks it's reminiscent of Grace Jones, and she notes that Alisha is owning the look and using a prop in a way that doesn't overtake the shot. Tyra is into Alisha's Elvis-snarl, as well as the intensity in her eyes.

Sophie is next. Cutrone loves the silhouette and outfit, but isn't crazy about Sophie's face. She does make a comparison to Debbie Harry, which is apt if you think of Debbie Harry with a wonky eye. Georgina loves it, though, and enjoys the fact that it's slightly off. Finally, there's Annaliese. Nigel loves her body, but doesn't like what she's doing with her face. Cutrone agrees, and says that she's a fan from the neck down, but wants to bid hasta la vista to everything above the neck. Georgina, however, likes the deadness in Annaliese's face. Well, look who she's married to! Tyra agrees with Georgina, and says that she likes the photo. Cutrone asks if Georgina would put it in the Marchesa look book, and Georgina says that she might. That is actually a very polite "no," but still.

The judges deliberate. Catherine really wants to be a model, but Cutrone isn't sure that she is. Also, her walk sucks, in the manner of someone who has been drugged and escaped from a hospital. At least she didn't trip? Seymone is an incredible-looking girl in an amazing gown, says Nigel, but before he can finish Cutrone tells everyone about how rude and pissy she was doing the challenge. Cutrone also calls her out as being particularly painful on the runway, and Georgina notes that she doesn't connect modeling from her face to her body. Tyra thinks that Seymone's face in her photo is one of the strongest, but overall it's too much show and tell modeling. Alisha is finally starting to stand out, and Cutrone calls her a superstar. Nigel reminds everyone that she can also look wretched, and Tyra hopes that the good photo is not a fluke.

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