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The Windmills of Your Mind

Tyra hugs Marjorie and tells her that there's something adorable and lovable about her jittery self. If she can keep the lovable bits but not seem so completely terrified she'll be fine. Marjorie and Analeigh share a moment of goodbye while McKey seems like she could care less. Marjorie interviews that she worked very hard, so is of course disappointed. And it sucks to be told that you're either too fidgety or too boring. She's going to miss all the fun things about the competition, and is also going to miss Analeigh. Marjorie is tremendously grateful to have had this experience, and tremendously grateful that she can have booze on her flight back to the U.S.

Next week: the finale! Can you even believe it?

Just like Marjorie, Potes enjoys a glass or five of wine to unwind. You can share your favorite red with her at

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