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The Windmills of Your Mind

The next day the girls head to a big building where they meet Paulina. She's looking gorgeous and is surrounded by, as Analeigh describes them, very curiously stocked tables -- tables containing little fish and toilet paper and the like. Paulina tells the girls that as models their primary task is to sell. Perfume, clothing, ass, etc. And 90% of the time, models must sell without speaking. Unless you are in the running for the Star Search spokesmodel competition, which is a different beast altogether. Paulina is going to introduce the models to a couple of tricks on how to incorporate their senses into selling wordlessly. Rule 1: Don't spit out the umeboshi.

Paulina starts out with the tough stuff, leading the girls over to a table full of herring. She asks how they might use their sense of smell. Analeigh takes a big whiff of the fish and looks up ecstatically. Marjorie knows that look well. Analeigh tells us that sometimes as models you have to sell gross stuff, and just suck it up. McKey looks like she wants to lick the herring. She tells Paulina that it kind of smells like the beach in the morning, so is actually pleasant. Paulina tells her to use it. Marjorie, who is wearing a sweater with strawberries on it, looks like she's relieved to smell the fish. Paulina likes it. Sam takes a big whiff and looks satisfied, though she interviews afterward that she had questions about how sanitary the whole endeavor was. Next, Paulina takes the girls to a table full of toilet paper. It's so soft and fluffy and long! You can touch it, or rub it on your face! I have to say this whole exercise is getting a little porny. Sam poses with her toilet paper high-fashion style, as McKey holds a roll as if it's her favorite teddy bear. McKey tells us that she loves Paulina and it's very exciting to work with her, however it's intimidating because she's also a judge and they all want to stay on her good side.

Paulina then hands the girls a phone and wants to see on their faces certain expressions such as happy and romantic. Marjorie is jittery and nervous even in her most romantic of moments, apparently, but says that eventually she got more comfortable in the challenge because Paulina was so good at facilitating the situation. Paulina gives us a rundown of the girls' performances. McKey's portrayal of the senses was all very model-like and everything was a pose. Marjorie's strength lays in her believability because all of her emotions are so accessible. Analeigh is a very natural actress but wasn't aware of the camera. Sam is really a clown and was good at showing the happy senses. Paulina thinks that today's lesson was good for all the models, and certainly better than a teach with Janice Dickinson where you'd emerge completely bloodied and devoid of your will to live.

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