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Back at home there is more Tyra Post: "Your delivery better be on the Mark. Love, Tyra." Maybe they're filming a segment of "Mark Wahlberg talks to models"? Sam is thinking that they'll have to use their expressions in a commercial, and McKey seconds that wordless emotion. Sam and McKey lie in bed and talk about how much effort they're putting into the competition, and how much they want to win. McKey interviews that winning is much more important to her now than when she first walked into the house because she's put so much effort into it. She doesn't want to say, "I tried," she wants to say, "I did it." One very exciting thing that she's done since last week is lose her vaguely European accent. Well done, McKey! Sam tells us that all of the girls left have the potential to be America's Next Top Model. However, she's made it this far and wants to keep going and win. "It's just like....rrrrrrrrrrrrgh!" she explains eloquently as we head to commercials.

And speaking of commercials, tell me you wouldn't eat only herring and very soft toilet paper for eternity before watching the Tyra Banks-produced DVD The Clique? With each passing day I become more convinced that this woman must be stopped.

When we return, Marjorie elaborates a bit on her new strategy, saying that she's trying to push the self-doubt out and just live in the present moment. She hopes it works. I kind of do and kind of don't, since sometimes it's fun to see Marjorie get flustered, until it gets painful. The girls head to a place called Amsterdam Worldwide, which is apparently a top ad agency, where Paulina is waiting for them. She introduces them to Amsterdam Worldwide's creative director, Richard Gorodecky. Turns out the girls are going to get the opportunity to audition for a 30-second commercial for a sport shoe. Richard explains the concept with the help of some illustrations. The girls will be jogging past a taxi, wherein there is a really cute guy. They have a moment and exchange smiles. Then the taxi stops. The guy gets out and with wanton abandon the jogging girl, played by our models, runs up to him and gives him a big smackerooni on the lips. Then she steals his taxi. Fierce! The script is entirely wordless, which means the girls are going to have to use their expressions, like how Paulina taught them. And then there's the most exciting news. The girls will have a supermodel partner. It is none other than super-male-model Mark Vanderloo, known from campaign he's done for Versace, Calvin Klein and others. I don't know, he looks kind of like the vampire Lestat in person. Nonetheless, the girls are all horny and/or flustered. Sam interviews that they'll be, "kissing...him...together...[smack]...weird." What's more, the winner of this competition will receive a $10,000 shopping spree at G-Star, which everyone is doubly horny about.

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