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The Windmills of Your Mind

As the girls wait for their auditions to commence, Sam notes with wonder that they're going to be kissing a Calvin Klein supermodel and asks the other girls if they think they're supposed to kiss with tongue. The answer is a resounding no. Good question, though. Sam is first to audition, and Richard explains that she'll be running on a treadmill. She was expecting to do it outside, so is a bit thrown off. Also, there's not an actual taxi in the room. I don't know how she's going to work around THAT. Sam jogs and flirts, jogs and flirts and mouths "OH MY GOD!" Then she runs to Mark, pauses for a moment, and plants one on the lips. It's a pretty good kiss -- long-ish but not sloppy at all. Just the kind of kiss you'd give a stranger in a taxi. Paulina tells Sam that she did a really good job, and Mark adds that she was very convincing. Sam tells us that it was like Mark was an actor, and she was an actress, and it was professional and not horny-making at all. That's kind of too bad, actually.

Analeigh is next. She runs like an ice skater, as you might expect. She gives Mark some coy looks and manages to avoid saying, "Yo." She runs up to him and gives him bedroom eyes before landing a soft peck on his pillow lips. Paulina and Richard both seem to think that she did a very good job. Analeigh interviews that Mark's lips were soft and voluptuous and she enjoyed it rather a lot. I hope her boyfriend Marjorie doesn't hear her saying that. McKey is next. She says she feels a lot of pressure to do well, and doesn't want to be in the bottom two until she's in the final two. She runs and flirts as much as she can from under those floppy helmet bangs. She then jogs up to Mark, wraps her arms around his neck, and kisses him. As she exits the room Richard leans over to Paulina and notes that it's not easy. I guess McKey is not a convincing boy-in-taxi kisser. If the script called for her to punch him, though, she would have been awesome.

Next is Marjorie. She reiterates that her new approach is to have fun with everything that happens rather than being completely neurotic. I think she's trying very hard to convince herself that this approach is even possible. She runs all hunchback-like then flips her head back and forth like a kitten watching a tennis match as she flirts. She then ambles over to Mark, hesitates for a moment, and gives him a big one on the lips. Giggling, she runs off. Paulina thinks that Marjorie's performance was refreshing, and Richard says it wasn't exactly what he was expecting, which is always nice to see. Marjorie is pleased. She's ecstatic and upbeat, and Sam tells her with some skepticism that she's changed. Marjorie says that she was in the bottom two before, but now can get over it and enjoy the moment. That's not very European of her at all, is it?

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