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The Windmills of Your Mind

Paulina and Richard call the girls back together to give critiques and announce the winner. Paulina tells Sam that she was adorable, but went a bit over the top in her adorableness. It was a calculated sort of adorable, like that "Hang in there!" kitten. Her performance was the hammy one, according to Paulina. Well, slap her on an English muffin with a fried egg and call her breakfast! Analeigh was cute and sweet, according to Paulina, and Richard tells her that she's a good actress as well as a beautiful model. The Ice Castles remake has found its star, I tell you! McKey flirted really well, but wasn't necessarily up to par on the kissing part. Marjorie was a bit awkward and, according to Paulina, a little scary, but her originality level was a ten. And her performance also could have been an audition for Law and Order: SVU. Richard thought that she was very believable and her performance was the most honest, which he says is quite a skill. And Marjorie wins! She is very excited, and tells us that she's living in the moment. Paulina tells her that she gets to pick a friend to share in the bounty. She of course chooses Analeigh.

Marjorie and Analeigh head to G-Star, where a representative asks Marjorie how she wants to split the $10,000 spree. She says evenly, which is really nice of her. I sure hope Analeigh pays her back by preventing her from getting date raped or something. Analeigh is very thankful that Marjorie shared her prize, and says that if she would have won she also would have chosen Marjorie in a heartbeat. For her part, Marjorie is happy to have split the prize evenly with her best bud.

Back at home, there is Tyra Post! "Tomorrow you'll be going Dutch, but you're gonna have to give 100%. Love, Tyra." The girls all try to remember what the saying "going Dutch" means, but have no idea. The optimistic part of me wants to classify them as post-feminist, while the realistic part of me just thinks they're dumb. And then, a thing happens. Analeigh announces that Marjorie is going to call "the boys" -- "the boys" being the hottie boat drivers from the go-see challenge. Sam asks Marjorie if she's sure that she wants the boys over. Marjorie, all horny from her first kiss, definitively says yes. Analeigh interviews that Marjorie is spastic all the time now. Whereas before she was simply dour, now she's manic-depressive. It's quite an improvement. On the phone Marjorie enthusiastically tells the boys to bring over some wine, because she needs pinot noir. Something tells me it's going to be a long night for the rest of the girls. Everyone gets made up, and Marjorie asks for help in choosing a better outfit, then notes that she wants a drink. I'm really surprised that the editors avoided putting in a chord of foreshadowing doom right then.

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