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Sam is next. She still doesn't know how to dress. Miss J. thinks that her picture is "very Sam" -- busted down, broken, but still fabulous. Ann loves her face in the photo, and Tyra compliments Sam on her naturally downturned top lip. Tyra's mouth, in case you were wondering, is just round. She does her best blow-up doll impersonation to underscore this point. Tyra notes that Sam's last 5 - 10 frames were gorgeous, but the rest of the film was not so hot. Last up we have Analeigh in one of her jumping shots. Miss J. hisses that he's living for the madness. He sounds like the lead singer of the Riverbottom Nightmare Band. Nigel thinks it's the best picture of the bunch because it's almost as if she's been inspired by the windmill. Paulina loves it too. Ann enjoys the fact that Analeigh is so sweet in person -- like icing and sugar and cotton candy -- but her picture is wicked fierce.

The judges deliberate. Analeigh's shot is great, and she is a girl to be reckoned with according to Ann. Miss J. loves this photo, but doesn't think she's had that many great photos overall. Tyra disagrees, and Paulina says that now Analeigh has got it, she's got it good. Sam has had some of the most consistently good pictures throughout the competition, however Tyra is worried about how long it took her to get this photo. Tyra is also sad for Sam that she has such terrible fashion sense. Paulina agrees that when Sam stands in front of you, she doesn't say "model." Marjorie's picture is very strong editorially. However, in losing her nerves she's also lost a lot of her charm. Her new personality is not an improvement. Ann even thinks she was a little condescending. Ann apparently has a chip on her shoulder about being talked down to by models. It all started in middle school, I'm sure. Miss J. loves McKey's height and body, and Paulina thinks she's fantastic and makes a great photo model. Tyra loves McKey's eyes, which burrow into her soul, and her joker lips, which Tyra wants to kind of squeeze and flick. Good times. The judges have reached a decision.

There are four beautiful young ladies standing before Tyra, but she only has three photos in her hands. And those photos represent the young ladies who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that Tyra is going to call also had the best photo of the week. And it's Analeigh! She's feeling good. The next name Tyra is going to call is McKey. This of course leaves Sam and Marjorie in the bottom two. Marjorie takes exquisite, high-fashion photos. But her film this week was flat. The judges see a girl who doesn't understand balance. One minute she's a jittery mess, and then after a couple notes she's a boring mute. She's tried to please the judges so much that she's lost her essence, which is what was beautiful in the first place. Except when it wasn't. Then there's Sam. For some reason she doesn't get it, which works the judges' nerves. They wonder how a girl still can't understand what it means to look, stand, and project like a model. And despite having a good shot, her film overall was weak. But no matter, because Sam is staying for another week! I'm pretty surprised about that, I have to say. So is Sam by the looks of it.

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