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Double Trouble

Jennifer and Erin hug the finalists and take their leave with a distinct lack of bitterness. They head home to pack. Erin cries and says it feels like a punch in the face, and sucks to get so far and not win. She could have put more vigor into the last few things, she says, but she can't change it now. It was a really great experience for her, and she doesn't want it to be over. Gracious, right? Who knew? Also, her portfolio really is pretty good. Jennifer says it feels amazing to have made it so far, but also hurts to be so close and to have lost. Her heart has been ripped out. Jennifer says that before she went through this competition she didn't know what she wanted out of life. But now she wants to be a model. More proof that this show ruins lives. Other than mine.

Next week: Cover Girl commercial! And a fashion show on an exotic runway! Also, someone will win. Nicole, right?

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