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Back at home, Jen's photo is displayed as digital art! Nicole tells Jen that she's obsessed with her leg muscles, and Jen agrees that they look pretty insane. She's very excited to have the best photo of the week, and tells us that she had given up on it ever happening. But it happened! Jen interviews that she's proven something to herself by getting this far in the competition. She doesn't usually succeed at what she does, she says, because she usually gives up. So she's proud that she didn't, like, quit in a huff, even though that would have been awesome for the rest of us. And, you know, I think the reason that Erin comes off as such an insufferable nit is that the other girls who have made it relatively far this season have seemed really cool. There's Jen, who's totally funny and winning, and Nicole, who rocks the high school outsider vibe, and Laura, who's the most likable contestant possibly of all time. We have to root against someone, and Ann Shoket can't be in every episode.

Meanwhile, Laura asks the others if they think that the shorter models can work as much as the tall girls. Um, no. Laura is also very excited to be in the final four, and to have transitioned from castrating bulls to hyperventilating at the bottom of the ocean. Nicole reminds the others that Marisa Miller is only 5'8". Laura is pleased by this, since her biggest dream is to model for Victoria's Secret. That, for sure, Laura could do. I think she knows her market. Laura thought that all the Victoria's Secret models were six feet tall, but Marisa Miller has shown her the light. And then, oh. There is an interview with Laura where she appears to be a) drunk (per usual); b) in the middle of a crying bender. I do not like that. Laura says with red eyes and a stuffy nose, "I could go home, and I could get a normal job. But I want to be successful. I want to show my siblings that they can be successful, too. And I feel like modeling's the best way that could make me happy and also provide for my family." I feel like there must be some non-profit out there that could just hire Laura to travel the world spreading happiness and light. Right?

Tyra Mail! "Let's not skirt the issue. This competition is getting fierce! Love, Tyra." The girls all know that they will be hula dancing! Indeed, the next day they travel by bus to a lovely park near a beach. There are some very muscular hula girls in white bikini tops and sarongs waiting to meet them. Once the girls settle in, the hula dancers begin to sway their hips in the hula style. And then, they whip off their sarongs and start with the crunking. Jennifer tells us that it was cool, but really different. And full of the booty shaking! Nicole reminds us that she has encountered dancing once before in the competition, and scared the bejesus out of Li'l Mama. She knows that dancing is not her strength.

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