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Double Trouble

The lead dancer introduces herself as Anna-Rita Sloss, a hip hop hula instructor. Hip hop hula is a new interpretation of the traditional dance, with a lot more booty. As Tyra has told the girls, as a top model it's crucial to be able to tell a story with your body. The girls are going to learn a hula hip-hop routine. The instruction starts, and Nicole looks like a maniac right off the bat. Her giant sun hat is not helping matters. Girl has no rhythm. Erin tells us that she's pretty confident in her ability to learn the moves, because she was a cheerleader. Which just fits in so many ways. She says, "I should win." And, actually, she should. But let's see what happens, shall we? Anna-Rita tells the girls that they'll have to use traditional hula to tell their story in a solo that will be incorporated in the hip hop hula routine. She teaches them the moves for love, strength, fear, determination, and sadness. Jennifer is stressing about how to incorporate hula with hip hop and put together a successful solo as well.

The girls head off to practice the choreography on their own. Erin takes the lead in running the girls through a few practices. She says, "I was very helpful towards the other girls before the challenge, because I do have a semi-dance background. I helped Laura, and I helped Jen, and I tried to help Nicole." And really, that would test anybody's patience. Nicole interviews that Erin is a cheerleader and knows what she's doing. And Nicole appreciates the tips, but Erin is starting to get on her nerves. I mean, newsflash. Jennifer isn't quite sure what her story will be, but is going to quasi-improvise her life's trajectory as she goes with it. Laura is nervous, because dancing in front of people is nervewracking. But she plans to do it with confidence, and fake it, and pretend like she knows what she's doing. Which is really the key to success in many situations. Erin reminds us that Nicole is terrible. She wonders if Nicole actually realizes the extent of her awkwardness. Erin says that Nicole will have to know how to dance and do the moves correctly. And if she doesn't know the dance, then at least she could look like she knows the dance. Nicole just looks like she knows she doesn't have a prayer and is going to roll with it. Commercials.

When we return, the girls each get a bikini top / hot short / sarong ensemble. Jennifer tells us that she's worried Erin will win the challenge since she knows all of the moves. She knows them so well, in fact, that she can teach the others. And really, this seemed like a natural opportunity for Erin to sabotage the rest of the girls. I think she didn't not out of a kind heart, but rather because the thrill of being a know-it-all was too irresistible. Miss J. greets the girls. He's going to judge them as they dance individually with the hip hop hula-ers and incorporate their story into the hula routine. Laura tells us that there are girls out there who want to relate to you as a model, and who might have a story just like yours. So you want to be a super role model. I don't know. If I were a model, I think I'd be satisfied with just being rich and skinny and gorgeous and coked up all the time. I'm a woman of simple pleasures. The young girls will figure it out on their own. Miss J. announces that the winner will get to come back to Maui with a friend for a five-day all-expenses-paid trip, featuring a stay at the Four Seasons! That is a good prize. Erin drools a little bit. I guess this is enough of a "tangible thing" for her.

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