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Double Trouble

Back at the house, Jennifer explains to Laura that the Four Seasons is a coveted hotel. Laura asks what that means, and Jennifer tells her that it's the kind of hotel that celebrities stay at. Laura simply says, "Shut up." Erin, meanwhile, says that she was pissed off about the fact that Laura chose Jennifer to accompany her on the return trip to Hawaii, since Erin had helped the girls learn the routine. And, I mean, even Jesus wouldn't endorse that. He wants Laura to have a good time, after all! Laura loves the fact that Anna-Rita said she was a good crunker. Erin is mildly annoyed, and reminds Laura that she's been in the bottom two three weeks in a row. Laura says, "Whatever," because she has won an awesome tangible prize and doesn't want Erin to bring her down.

Tyra Mail! "Is the pressure making you feel like you want to explode? Not so fast... timing is everything. Love, Tyra." The next day, the girls head to the ocean yet again. Jay greets them, wearing a t-shirt with big scissors on it. How could he keep himself from wearing that during the makeover episode? Jay tells the girls that they're standing on what is called "The Secret Beach," and today they'll be styled like Pele. Not the soccer-playing great, but rather the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. Pele was known both for her extreme beauty and her fiery temperament. Jay wants the girls to remember and use this information since they'll be posing on volcanic rock with waves crashing up behind them. The girls have to pose H2T to make the photo dynamic. He says that it's important for a model to be able to time all the elements around her. You know, with the crashing waves and whatnot.

But! There is a twist. There's a bit more riding on this photo shoot because at the next judging TWO girls will be going home. Jennifer gets blow job face, and Jay tells her to close her mouth. Nicole notes that this situation puts a lot of pressure on the models. She has to go into the photo shoot not thinking about this, and in fact has to not want it so badly because that's when she messes up. It's all about relaxing. But not relaxing your toes. And smizing. Erin tells us yet again that she has to have a kick-ass photo shoot or she's gone. And maybe even with a kick-ass photo shoot she'll be gone. Cause and effect have no place on this show. Commercials.

With a note not to be freaked out too much by the double elimination, Jay sends the girls to hair and makeup. Michael Kanyon is the hair stylist and uses a curling iron to great effect. Vincent Oquendo is again the makeup artist, and Vanessa Geldbach is the wardrobe stylist. Steve Shaw is the photographer for the day. Jay reminds the girls to be aware of how the waves are crashing, but not to focus on it.

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