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Double Trouble

The judges deliberate on what is a self-proclaimed most dramatic elimination ever on Top Model. Miss J. thinks that Erin always has an anger thing going on. Nigel thinks that there's anger in the eyes, but not in the body, which is relaxed and in control. However, Nigel thinks she's a bit disingenuous. As soon as Tyra gave her some criticism, Erin's face fell. But then she caught herself and slapped on a fake smile again. Tyra says that editing Erin's film is not easy. This great shot stood out like crazy, but really there should be a lot of awesome photos to choose from. Miss J. likes Rachel Hunter's photo. However, her legs look short. Nigel says that Laura is, for him, the diamond in the rough. You polish her up and give her some hair and makeup help, and take her out of Grandma Wanda Sue couture, and she turns into a top model. Ann reiterates what J. said about Laura's stumpy-looking legs. Nicole's photo is great, but Miss J. would like to see more expression and moodiness in the eyes. Nigel thinks that her body is a bit contrived. Ann agrees, but also thinks that she looks long and lean, and that her pose goes with the tenderness and vulnerability in her face. Tyra says that this competition is about finding a petite model who can really rock it in the fashion industry, which sometimes means looking taller. Jennifer's shot is not Nigel's favorite. She forgets her face. But she has an extraordinary body of work. Tyra points out that Jennifer is endearing and likable and takes a fantastic photo. Just not this week. And with that, the double chop is imminent!

Four beautiful ladies stand in front of Tyra, but she only has two photos in her hands. And those two photos represent the finalists! The first finalist is... Nicole. Which we all knew. Jennifer, Erin and Laura step forward. Only one of them will make it through. Tyra loves editing Jennifer's film, because she always does something new and exciting. But lately she's been a little shaky. Is her body of work strong enough to make her a finalist? Then there's sweet, bubbly, sunny Laura, who looks amazing in her photos. However, in person she's not as amazing as her pictures. And then there's Erin, who started off not being able to take a bad picture. She faltered and lost her way, but came back with this week's great photo. All of the girls have strengths and weaknesses, but only one has what it takes to be a finalist. And that girl is... Laura! And, I mean, I'm happy for her, but that's madness. I thought for sure it would be Erin, given the photos this week. Tyra hands Laura her photo and asks how she feels. A tearful Laura says, "Wonderful." And, I mean, she really does have some Cover Girl slash Seventeen potential. Tyra hugs Jennifer, who is crying, and Erin, who is not. Tyra says that she'll never forget the photo shoot that she did with Jennifer, where Jennifer asked if she could breathe heavily. Uh... didn't Jennifer ask if she could scream? Well, whatever. At least Tyra remembers her name. Tyra then tells Erin not to get in her own way. The camera loves Erin, but Erin has to love Erin. If she had stayed stronger in the competition and not been a mental case, she would have been a finalist for sure. Wah wah.

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