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Celia, You're Breaking My Heart

Teyona is up next. Miss J. says that what's brilliant about her picture is that it looks nothing like her. Nigel and Tyra tell her that she's a chameleon, and Keith says that her skin is gorgeous and photographed really well. He really enjoyed photographing Teyona. Tyra says that yellow stands for optimism and hope, and that's what she sees in Teyona's picture. She says that maybe the Obamas will hang it in their kitchen. Right next to their photo of Tyra as a buxom nine-year old working her way through the candy shop. London is next, and her blue photo gets middling reviews. Miss J. says that he would have gone for something even more emotional, and Paulina tells London that she has the same face as last week's photo, which is not good. She goes with her strongest look, which you'd think would be okay if she's producing great pictures, but somehow isn't.

Then there's Allison. Her hot pink photo is very modern according to Miss J., and Paulina compliments Allison on her neck. Keith interjects and says it's interesting because he was disappointed with Allison. She had no range at all, and always had the same expression. Nigel agrees, and says that Allison is giving the same look they've seen in every shot of hers. She's got to break it up and start giving personality and angles. Sandra is next, wearing those insufferable red boots she always has on at judging. Her white photo is really bad. Tyra tells Nigel that she gave him the straight-on shot he was looking for, even though it's not a good one. Nigel tells Sandra that she's got great skin and interesting composition, but her photo is not powerful. It's not fashion, it's not beauty, it's just sort of there. Sandra is present in her photo, but not in the right way. Tyra tells Sandra that she had some gorgeous shots in profile, but Nigel would have flipped his teacup if Tyra came at him with another profile shot. Paulina tells Sandra that she has to learn to make the awkward turn to the front, and adds that her photo does not work at all. Fo is next, and her red photo gets a vibrato-filled, "Woooooork!" from Tyra. That's good. Paulina says that the photo has a tiny bit of Janice, and Miss J. says that it has a tiny bit of him as well. Because it's so fierce. Tyra says that the photo has fire, desire, and lust, and it's hot. Fo is pleased that she rocked it like a hurricane.

The judges deliberate. Aminat's picture was great, and her eyes tell a nice, healthy environmental story according to J. Paulina says that it doesn't leave her green with envy, but it's close. Natalie is undeniably beautiful, but Paulina doesn't like the way her face photographs. Keith says that the wide-faced thing can easily be contoured. But this photo is a game-changer for Tyra. Before she was at the top of the pack, but this photo makes her fall. Tahlia's photo is one of the best beauty shots out of the bunch, with great eye contact. But, according to Nigel, she's still a drip and it remains to be seen whether she has the personality to make it. Tyra says that Tahlia's photo is almost like Mona Lisa in the eyes. Celia has one of the best senses of style of anyone in the competition, but Paulina also is not in love with the fact that she's such a tattletale. Nigel says that after what happened last week he finds it hard to even deal with Celia. He looks at her and wonders if she'll be able to survive in the industry. Teyona is photogenic, appealing, and has amazing eyes in her photo. London's photo is unattractive, and Paulina thinks she looks like she vomited blue and then died. It's moments like these when I love Paulina . Allison is the most extraordinary looking girl, according to Nigel, with her big eyes and puffy lips and rabbit teeth. Her shot is major, and Nigel wants to see more. Nigel thought Sandra was one of the most beautiful girls in the bunch, until now. Tyra again makes a big deal out of the fact that they chose a straight-on shot of her, and Nigel says that you have to be able to do face-on to be a model. Fo is perfect. Keith loved shooting her, and Tyra loves that she's a good pupil and successfully smiled with her eyes. With that, the judges have made their decision.

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