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Celia, You're Breaking My Heart

Tahlia hangs out in her sports bra and says that she's waiting for Celia to come up and say something to her. Aminat, meanwhile, wonders why Tahlia is waiting for Celia to come to her. Proactive, that one. A real go-getter. Tahlia says if she goes to talk to Celia, she'll explode. Aminat tells Tahlia not to hold herself back, reasoning that Celia didn't hold herself back. In the process, says Tahlia, Celia made herself look hella-low. Hella-low, I love you, let me jump in your game. Aminat asks Tahlia, since she's not going to say anything to Celia, if she minds if Aminat goes down and takes care of some business. Tahlia does not mind, as it turns out.

Aminat goes downstairs, with Teyona following behind her. It's Teyona who actually speaks first, asking Celia if she feels like a fool and what her motives were for doing such a foolish, hella-low thing. If any of the girls thought there was something wrong, Teyona says, they should have gone to talk to Tahlia about it. Now they all look fake as hell, says Teyona, who then accuses the other girls of plotting with Celia. Allison yells out that nobody was plotting. Aminat tells Allison not to sit there and look confused and sad and like she doesn't know what the hell is going on. Allison looks at Teyona in a way that can only be described as confused and sad and like she doesn't know what the hell is going on. It hurts Aminat's feelings that Allison conspired with Celia, because Aminat thought Allison was better than that. There is some yelling and some pointing from Aminat and Teyona, and Allison interviews that she was reminded of why she hated high school. I am reminded of why I hated high school every time I heard the words, L'il Abner: The Musical.

At some point, Celia and Tahlia end up standing next to each other on the stairs watching all the action in silence. Aminat tells Celia that she disgusts her, and then tells Allison that she is even more disgusting because Aminat thought they were close. Allison yells back that she hasn't done anything, which is entirely true. Celia interviews that it was pretty weird that she and Tahlia were standing silent on the stairs while the other girls battled out their issue. Celia mouths to Allison that it's not worth it to engage with Aminat and Teyona. Sadly for Celia, Teyona can read lips. Teyona mocks Allison for having Celia as some sort of mother figure who insists that she be mute, and Aminat calls them "Dumb One" and "Dumb Two." While she's at it she might as well assign dumb numbers to all of them -- it might be easier than remembering names.

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