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Celia, You're Breaking My Heart

Celia is first up to try her hand, or face as it were, of being Tyra. Celia interviews that, after the dreaded events of last panel, she feels like she's going home. So she has to work hard and rock it to stay in the competition with the disadvantage of Tyra hating her stank ass so much. Celia first tries to put her head through a photo of an insane-looking red-headed Tyra wielding a bedazzled sword. She looks plaintive. WRONG! Beth notes that Celia is more concerned about being in line with the body angle of the photo than evoking emotion. Seriously, the emotion in that photo is "batshit crazy." You'd think Celia would nail it without much effort. Celia fails in her second attempt as well and we hear a loud buzzer. Beth tells us that once Celia gets her face in tune with her body, she'll be a great model.

Fo is next, and also fails to give good face in Tyra's bedazzled sword photo. Beth just looks at her and, channeling a four-year old who's just seen someone fart, says, "Funny!" Teyona chooses to put her head into yet another photo of Tyra looking batshit crazy, this time as paparazzi. WRONG! Sandra is next, and if you thought she would be anything but clueless you haven't been watching this season very closely. Beth says that she wanted Sandra to bring a little bit more, and Jay says that Sandra has been falling out of the competition and fading into the background. Aminat is next, with her face in a photo of Tyra as a very busty little girl holding a giant lollipop in a candy shop. Way to inspire generations of future girls with the pedophile baiting, Oh Great and Benevolent Supermodel! Aminat gives an expression of "dumb-ass," which if you ask me is perfectly appropriate. Allison also chooses the pedophile photo, and Beth channels a four-year old whose ice cream has just fallen to the sidewalk as she says, "Sad!" Beth is clearly the perfect person to give a lesson on expressing complex emotions! Allison fails at both attempts, and Beth says that she wasn't getting anything out of her, and that she might be having a problem in the competition.

Natalie is next and chooses a busty photo of Tyra with a fierce face. Natalie gives fierce face, and we hear the first "ding!" instead of a buzzer. Well done! She also does a good job with the paparazzi photo and gets another ding. Jay is impressed at how she grabbed on and committed to her expression, and tells us that it works. London also gets a ding, and in the bedazzled sword photo no less! She also succeeds in the paparazzi photo. And then there's Tahlia, who practically skips into the room. She takes a gander at the bedazzled sword photo, which tells me that the shot of confidence has gone to her brain. Jay says that she's trying too much. Tahlia also has no success with the paparazzi photo. Buzzer, and buzzer. But she practically skips away as she goes to get the other girls for their evaluation. Happeeeeee!

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