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The first photo shoot was high-concept nonsense, with the girls having a word used to bully them written on their body and perhaps misspelled, and then the "answer" to that word also written on the flesh. Tyra had a heart to heart with Ann, and learned how badly she had been bullied throughout her life. Apparently Ann's friends would point out when people said shit behind her back, which maybe was not a good call on their part since Ann just ended up getting more hurt. Tyra tells Ann to tell her friends to protect her and go the other way instead of pointing out the jerks. Ann's bullying word was giant, but her power word was "Amazon." She explains that Amazons are cool, while giants are not even jolly all the time.

Kayla, meanwhile, also found that this topic hit close to home. What we didn't see was how Jay connected with Kayla before her shoot. If you'll recall, Kayla's word was "queer." When she talks to Jay about it, she starts crying and says that she's afraid to see the word on her body. She knows how powerful the word is, and says that the bullying was really bad. Jay's impressed that she's going with that word. In high school, Kayla says, some people would mumble the word "queer" and it hurt her very much, so she was nervous about taking on the responsibility of having it all over her body. But she did it and, if I recall, rocked it. Terra -- e.g. Tweedledum -- had her nerves get the better of her, while Anamaria had the overconfidence and bitchery that comes from extreme hunger.

There were concerns about Anamaria's too-thin body, and Jay even had to emphatically correct her when she said she was trying to get lean. Anamaria didn't give a shit what anyone else said. She knows how she feels, and that's all that matters. Though Anamaria had the face of a model, the judges worried that her photo sent the wrong message to young women. What we didn't see previously was the girls' backstage jitters, filmed in the holding room. As you may have guessed, we're seeing them now. Kacey asks Anamaria if what the judges said pissed her off. Anamaria says that she likes how she looks. While some girls like to see boobs on themselves, Anamaria likes to see pure clavicle. Lexie asks Anamaria if she sees their point, which is that they're not calling Anamaria anorexic, but apparently are saying that Anamaria exudes an anorexic look. That's like Simon Doonan telling cycle 2's Catie that she has ho style. Aw, I wish he would come back. Anamaria does not answer, and we fade back to panel, where she's eliminated.

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