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Back in the house, Liz talks to her daughter, Kira. Tyra tells us that trying to be a top model wasn't easy for the girls who have babies back home. We see Sara similarly bawling after talking to her son. Meanwhile, Jane wasn't thinking about a baby. She was thinking about baby, baby, baby, oh baby. Yes, this Princeton student is calling home and nagging someone as to whether they got Justin Bieber tickets. To her credit, she seems to realize that this is a dumb-ass move. We are reminded that Jane had a wholesome, suburban upbringing. Footage of her at the semifinals also assures us that sometimes Tyra really does know what she's doing. Jane got a whole lot more gorgeous as she progressed through the competition. I think she maybe gained weight, in a good way, and somehow lost the bottom third of her front teeth. Jane says that she tends to come across as an Ivy League rich girl, just because she has a horse. Additionally, she doesn't think that coming from a well-to-do background is a bad thing. I maintain that it's a bad thing only if you're an asshole about it, which Jane doesn't seem to be. What we didn't see was the girls trying to give Jane some urban edge. Ha! Liz and Kayla decide to make Jane a thug, and so put her hair into little braids, tie a bandana around her forehead, and give her about five tattoos drawn with eyeliner. Then someone sticks tinfoil in her mouth. Jane says that she just embraced it, and everyone else cracks up as she tries to strike a tough pose.

When the real makeover day arrived, there were the usual tears and surprises. Kayla had a ketchup-colored bowl of hair dye, while Liz complained about how her new, manlier hair didn't compliment her already manly self. But the biggest surprise came when the girls found out that one of them was going home then and there. It was Terra who got the boot. Her sister, Chris, had no time for pouting, because the next photo shoot required extreme focus. The girls were fallen angels in holsters, flipping about in the breeze and being separated from their mortal lovers. Sara could not capture the emotion of the shoot, and her A-game was missing. Kendal also couldn't manage to summon any of the needed sultriness. At panel, the judges were disappointed in almost everyone's performance. However, it was Sara who was eliminated after failing to prove that she could take a strong photo. Remember how they bleached out her eyebrows? She didn't stand a chance. Please ruminate on how pretty she was as we head to commercials.

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