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The next photo shoot had the models portraying marble statues coming to life at the capable hands of a sexy sculptor. Jane showed a crack in her usual stony persona, and burst into tears at Nigel's criticism. Meanwhile, Chris had a busted foot, and the pain showed in her face. Nigel thought she looked like she had signed out. The judges didn't see passion in Chris's photo. Tyra takes pains to tell us that they all agreed that Chris should look into acting. I mean, if Myrtle isn't an audition, what is? When Chris went home to pack, she literally tried to steal the show, or at least some food and drinks. Sadly for her, the pictures were mounted on the wall pretty well.

The moment of truth arrived for the final four when they met with Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. Their challenge was to present themselves to Franca as ALT lurked and watched. Chelsey impressed Franca the most with her tales of living in Idaho, and chose Kayla to spend the evening with her in a luxurious seven-star hotel. Gucci was across the street, which was cause for celebration, and there was a double shower with oven mitt loofahs. Chelsey tells us that she wanted to share her prize with Kayla, since the two of them are less accustomed to the good life than Ann and Jane. We saw the girls have a champagne toast, but didn't see Miss J. arrive to give them some private walking instruction. Can't these bitches get even one night away? J. shows the girls what not to do, which involves no copious straightening out of their garments or walking too fast. Kayla enjoys the lesson, even though J. accuses her of swatting a fly when she tries to give a little flair. It happens.

Next, Tyra met the final four at an amazing villa to shoot a stunning motion editorial directed by herself. Tyra wore a straw hat, and was blown away with everyone's posing in motion. At panel, the decision was especially difficult given that it was a double elimination. Chelsey was sexy, believable and raw, while ALT doubted if Kayla was high fashion and Nigel thought Jane needed an out of body experience to make her realize the value and importance of working it. Despite all odds, Ann did sexy very well, and ALT thought some force of nature was propelling her. After looking at everyone's body of work, Tyra said, the choice seemed clear. And thus Ann and Chelsey were in the final two, and Kayla and Jane said goodbye.

Now, only two bitches remain! They are Ann, the shy and awkward girl with the statuesque couture photos from Dallas, Texas, and Chelsey, the hard-working, freckled, beautiful pale beauty from Boise, Idaho. And in mere days we will learn which one of them is America's Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Next Top Model!

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