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With both the Americans and Brits down one girl, tensions were running high. But the Brits decided to blow off some steam by playing pranks. The most notable involved running into the Americans' room and throwing paper balls at Seymone while she was asleep. You know who was not a fan of this? Seymone. She went into full-on beast mode, chased the Brits out onto the patio, and yelled a whole bunch. Sophie tried to pretend like she had nothing to do with the whole affair, because you know that's the kind of girl she is. Oh, and THEN in a never before seen crime against humanity, Seymone grabbed the Brits' wine and threatened to dump it. Thankfully, it was saved, but Seymone kept yelling. She acknowledged to us that she's not used to living with females, and also that she has a slight temper problem. Alisha, who had no problem getting in Seymone's face, theorized that Seymone was just taking out her worry and frustration about the competition overall, because the prank wasn't even that bad. Also, she is the Hulk. Eventually, Seymone went back to bed, and everyone laughed at her.

The next day, Seymone and the Brits attempted to call a truce. Alisha explained to Seymone that she was actually frightening, while Seymone noted in turn that everyone else attacked her en masse. Seymone was pissed off generally, which is why she went to bed early. Alisha didn't think that was anyone else's problem, but really it probably would have been best to leave her alone. Eventually, the two shook hands and made at least temporary peace. Later, Tyra stopped by the house to facilitate another rap-off. Eboni once again excelled, while Sophie put up some very meager competition. Later, everyone got an Intoxibella name. If you know what this means, you have watched this show way too much. Basically, in yet another tie-in with Tyra Banks's young adult novel Modelland, everyone got a superhero supermodel name that emphasized her most notable qualities. Sophie was named Illuminata for her glowing energy, while Laura got the name Zagalicious, for reasons that still don't make a whole lot of sense. When she's 90, do you think the other ladies at the nursing home will call her Sagalicious behind her back? Laura also was fond of calling herself a pirate, for reasons still unexplained.

Oh and THEN there was the combo challenge and photo shoot where the girls had to, in teams, create and direct their own six-page spread for Annaliese was a particularly hapless team leader, and I believe this is the initial point at which she invoked Kelly Cutrone's ire. Cutrone's real battle, however, was with British model Louise, who in all fairness did have kind of an attitude problem. But was her attitude problem as large as Kelly Cutrone's? No matter, because Louise took herself out of the competition, in a giant huff. She was all set with the whole thing, cursed a lot, and also said that she'd knock Kelly Cutrone out if she ever saw her on the street. We see some never-before-seen footage of Louise saying even more nasty things about Kelly Cutrone (second verse, same as the first), and then are reminded that Louise's exit spared the others from elimination.

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