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Oh, and THEN the poor girls had to pose on the rim of the Macau Tower, 764 feet in the air, on a day when, like, a hurricane was passing through. It was so rainy and windy! Several of the girls were afraid of heights to begin with, and Sophie narrowly held it together during her shoot. Meanwhile, both Eboni and Alisha had lackluster shoots, and did nothing to impress Jay Manuel or Nigel, who was photographing. At panel, it was Eboni who was sent home. However, Alisha had finally gone mad from constantly tapping her own itchy head and also took herself out of the competition in a very tearful, dramatic fashion. Tyra made it clear that Alisha could leave if she wanted to, but that wouldn't mean that Eboni got a reprieve. And so the two left together, hand in hand. Alisha explained that she lost her spirit and had to go home, per her mother's instruction if any spirit-loss should occur. This was my saddest week, because I really wanted Alisha to win!

With only three models remaining, the ladies went to Hong Kong again where they met up with Kelly Cutrone on a boat. Miraculously, no one went overboard. However, the girls did get introduced to some sexy male models who were to help them navigate the town during their go-sees. Before going into the city, the girls got to sit on the boat with their escorts and do a little go-see strategizing. Sophie also enlisted her male model in her quest to win the challenge, and in particular to beat Laura. There were four go-sees in all, and for each one that they booked, each girl got $1,000 Hong Kong dollars, which sounds like a lot of money but is in fact not very much money. $1,000 Hong Kong dollars falls out of Tyra's armpit when she showers. Annaliese did really well in the challenge, but in the end Sophie booked all four go-sees and won $4,000 Hong Kong dollars, and other various prizes. All of the girls wasted no time in spending their newly earned money, as they went out for a night on the town with their male model escorts. Sophie basically just shoved her money across the bar and asked for as much tequila as it would buy, while Laura pulled a wad out of her boobs, of course. Laura tells us that she got smashed, according to plan, and also flirted her butt off in the club. There were no dramatic fights, and no random person came and poured a beer in anyone's weave, so all in all it seemed like a really fun night.

And then it was time for everyone's nightmare come true, with a shot for the America's Next Top Model Dream Come True fragrance. Big shot fragrance honcho Ben Bennett was there, to critique the girls on set as they posed in a life-sized perfume bottle. Flouncy pink dresses were involved. This whole thing was, of course, right up Sophie's alley, but Laura looked like her dream come true would involve a stripper pole. She reminded us that she can do crazy and edgy, but being a princess isn't really her thing. Poor Annaliese struggled as well, losing all of her confidence and energy as soon as she stepped into that giant bottle. She was eliminated, leaving Laura and Sophie to compete in the finale.

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