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After eleven weeks of fierce competition, the Brits and Yanks have been whittled down to the final two! Will our winner be Sophie, the Oxford lady who turned from gawky schoolgirl to stunning model? And, wait. When was Sophie ever a gawky schoolgirl? I call shenanigans. Sophie's hard work ethic -- and also, let's be honest, her face and super skinny body -- got her to the final two. Or will our winner be Laura, the wild and crazy zagalicious pirate (WHY PIRATE???) who overcame a difficult childhood to pursue her modeling and sexpot dreams? Will Laura have an American home-turf advantage, or will imperialism reign and see Sophie take the crown? And, most importantly, will we ever learn what happened with Angelea?

Next time: Finale runway walk-off! And Laura has some sort of medical emergency that I'm sure is actually not that big of a deal.

Potes predicts a Sophie victory! Share your thoughts on the eventual winner by tweeting @traciepotes or emailing

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