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Here Comes The Pain Again

The judges deliberate. Whitney has an exquisite face. Fatima could have stepped up more, but she's made big improvements. Miss J. would book Lauren based on her portfolio, because it proves that she can take good pictures even if she's sullen and awkward in person. Aimee's shot is like a bad Vegas picture and Paulina wants to throw it in the trash. Miss J., however, thinks she can get her mojo back in the next round. Anya is a pretty girl with great bone structure, and she falls into great shots by accident. Katarzyna is totally getting a haircut. Claire missed the point of the shoot. Dominique has improved. She's almost there but not quite, and Miss J. doesn't know if she'll ever get there. Stacy-Ann is sweet and cute and looks like a Jamaican DJ. Er, okay then.

Nine ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has eight photos in her hands. The first name Tyra is going to Whitney. Pretty good for a member of the KKK! Katarzyna is called next, followed by Fatima, Lauren, Anya, Dominique, and Stacy-Ann. Aimee and Claire are in the bottom two. This week is a shocker for Tyra, since both girls usually take great shots. But they sucked on this shoot. Aimee fell flat -- no pun intended, except, pun totally intended -- as an R&B singer. Claire was assigned to be a country singer. Or, as Tyra says it, "Seeen-Ger." And it was more comical and blasé and stoic than anything else. All at once? I should think that is an accomplishment in itself. Apparently it is, as Claire gets a photo. She jumps up and screams, "Yes!," forgetting that the polite thing to do first is hug the bitch who you are secretly happy to see go.

Aimee is very sad, and weeps profusely. She thought she was going to go farther, and feels stupid that she couldn't connect with one of the most popular styles of music. She wishes that the judges didn't see her as such a naïve young girl, and thinks that they might have gotten that impression and assumed that she wasn't ready for the competition. Aimee, you go out there and let someone tap your booty, and then come back and work it like R. Kelly. But with less of a focus on teenage girls/sipping on Coke and rum/running hands through someone's fro.

Next week: Go-sees! Whitney is made to feel fat. And Lauren gets some punk rock attitude.

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