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Here Comes The Pain Again

Dominique wants the girls to take their nastiness and attitude somewhere else. Claire's response? "Maybe no." She interviews that she's not going to go hide in the corner and talk trash. She and Dominique have no respect for each other, so she doesn't care what Dominique has to say. Claire, Lauren, and Whitney have all grown close, in part over their hatred of Dominique. Dominique finally asks kind of nicely for the others to go to the other room, and Claire refuses. She says she's tired of Dominique, and so is just going to pretend like she's not there. Oh, Claire, you're better than this. Dominique sarcastically says that Claire is a really big person, and Claire replies that she never claimed to be a big person. This whole thing really could have been avoided with an 8-pack of Mack's. Commercials.

Saleisha, meanwhile, goes on a casting for Tibi. And wears some mascara. And then terrorizes us in a denim mini-vest.

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "Being a Top Model is a pretty good gig if you can get it. Love, Tyra." The girls head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and meet Jay at the McCarren Park Pool. Jay tells the girls that Williamsburg has started to rival Manhattan as a location for live music. What has this to do with the photo shoot, you may ask? Well, as it happens, the models will have to embody specific styles of music in their photo shoots. The photographer for the day is Russell James. I think he's Australian, and is maybe wearing a wig topped off by a ski hat.

Fatima is dressed up as a heavy metal rocker -- complete with Bret Michaels bandana and bat makeup around her eyes. She looks the part, but Jay says that as soon as Russell picked up his camera, Fatima started with the calculated posing. She smashes a guitar and walks off as naturally as she can in her skintight leather pants. Katarzyna is next, wearing a choppy wig. She's an emo girl and poses very...emo-ishly. Whatever, she looks like Pete Wentz. Next is Lauren, who is outfitted in red vinyl as a Britney-style pop tart. Jay tells her to take inspiration from the barefoot bathroom queen herself, and Lauren cops to never having heard her songs. Oh, come on now. You'd have to be Rip Van Fucking Winkle never to have heard "Baby One More Time." Lauren reiterates that she's very anti-mainstream and only listens to underground punk rock. You know she secretly went to that weird Hannah Montana tour, all incognito and shit. Russell was initially worried about Lauren's lack of confidence, but he tells us it didn't play out. She was awesome. And she's 6'1"!!!! No wonder they're always talking about her being so tall.

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