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Here Comes The Pain Again

We enter panel with a photo of Tyra as a mannequin-like music executive. I bet Clive Davis sits on a zebra-print chair, too. Well, when he's not in his crypt. Tyra makes the girls work their painful ailments for a little -- ooh! My latest herpe is flaring up! Ouch! -- before announcing the prizes and the judges. Paulina's face seems to be growing proportionately smaller with every passing week of bigger hair. Soon she'll be like the shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice. Russell James is the guest judge.

Whitney is up first for critique. Nigel loves her grunge shot, which is dynamic and full of feeling. Paulina thinks that it looks like the real thing, and Tyra reports Mr. Jay's opinion that Whitney took risks that worked. Whitney is pleased. Russell thought that Fatima's shoot was good, though he really wanted her to take it to the next level. Tyra was shocked and amazed at how Fatima worked it throughout her film, especially with her broken down doll legs. Russell says that Anya worked well with the set and her props, but she needs to hone her instinctive sense of where the light is. Lauren's picture is beautiful, and Paulina gives a wry chuckle at the fact that they made it hard for Lauren by giving her Britney. Russell thought she did a great job, and pulled off an outfit that could have been tacky. Yes, on Lauren, red vinyl is the height of elegance. Miss J. asks Lauren to be a little more awake, lively and present when she comes to panel.

Aimee's R&B shot is disappointing, as expected. Russell thought that she had an opportunity to draw on a lot of emotional content, but she struggled. He notes that he has shot Mary J. Blige, which I think is kind of an unfair comparison as she is always, like, having a seizure or a visit from the holy ghost or something. Paulina notes that the composition of the photo is beautiful, but Aimee is just not working. Then there's Stacy-Ann. Her photo works and makes sense, but Nigel thinks it seems like the obvious thing. Tyra tells her to be more fluid when she poses. Miss J. thinks that Katarzyna looks more grunge than emo, and Paulina has to welcome him to the world of white music. Tyra tells Katarzyna that this is her best shoot to date, and it made Tyra wonder if she gave her the wrong makeover and should cut her hair short. Miss J. would love to see a new do, and Tyra tells Katarzyna that someone might show up at the apartment with scissors tomorrow.

Claire is next, and Nigel thinks her shot is a little too tough and in your face for country. Whatever, maybe she was trying to represent all the friends in low places. Tyra says that Claire was lost, and this was her worst shoot. Jay reported that Claire is intelligent and ahead of the game when it comes to posing, but she needs to learn to adapt herself to the creative rather than let it throw her off. Dominique is last, and Tyra says that her folk shoot is pretty. Nigel thinks it's a believable picture for the genre, and he didn't expect that Dominique could pull off something so soft. Russell, however, thinks it's lucky that they got this photo, because Dominique's head, her body, and the set were three different things.

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