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The judges deliberate. Jennifer showed that she was extremely charismatic and approachable. Laura was not so great, but there's still potential there, according to Miss J. Nigel thinks that she's a lovely and charming girl, but she has some issues that will be difficult to get through. Nigel thought Nicole was going to be boring, but she was directable. Also, she was smizing, even if she was not modeling H to T. Rae didn't come off as a star, according to Kim, but visually she's attractive. Nigel says that there's no wow factor, and Miss J. adds that she's forgettable. Tyra thinks that Rae is good, not great. She'll get the job done, but it's not going to be amazing. Sundai's commercial was awkward to watch, even though she's pretty. To her credit, she rolled with the punches and laughed as Tyra and Miss J. mocked her. Nigel was extremely disappointed in Erin, who was terrible. Kim says that the way she acted on set was not acceptable. Tyra, however, seems to have a soft spot for Erin and says that she's so hard on herself that she gets in her own way. Brittany was very rehearsed, if very professional. Also, she should talk about how much she likes math. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

There are seven girls standing before Tyra, but only six screen grabs in her hands. And the first screen grab goes to the girl who had the best commercial -- Jennifer. She didn't have much competition this week, did she? Nicole is next, followed by Brittany, Sundai and Laura. This leaves Rae and Erin in the bottom two. They stand there looking like conjoined elf twins as Tyra delivers the news. Rae's weakness is not standing out, and not being as strong with her presence as she is with her beauty. She should try having some personality once in a while. And then there's Erin, who takes some of the strongest pictures in the competition. But this isn't America's Next Top PHO-to Model. This is America's Next Top Model. Also, she needs to hold it together. No one has ever required four makeup touch-ups in the competition, and there have been some stank divas on this show. Nonetheless, Erin gets her photo and Rae is eliminated with only a set of black roots to take home.

Rae packs and tells us that she hasn't really allowed herself to think about this being the end of her Top Model journey. However, she can't wait to see her daughter. Now that Rae has a taste for what modeling can be all about, she has more of a passion for it and is ready to go out and achieve her dream. She seems like a genuinely lovely person, so I hope some good comes out of this whole experience.

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