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When we return, we relive Laura's moment of panic. She interviews that at first she was freaked out because it wasn't making any sense, and then she realized that she'd never be able to read it because it was just random letters and numbers. She recovers and asks Jessica about her favorite type of character to play. It's okay, but Lara notes that this would not fly in the real world. Erin is next, and is the elfiest interviewer in elfland. She tells us that she runs on adrenaline in this competition, so is ready for anything that's thrown at her. To her credit, she is, and barely blinks when the teleprompter goes out. Laura notes that Erin is in control of the interview.

Then there's Brittany. Ann says that you can practically see the wheels turning in her head. She's getting ready to ask the next question rather than listening. Rae is next, and Ann and Lara disparage her slouch. We don't get to see much of the interview, or if she gets thrown by the teleprompter. So, I'm guessing she actually did just fine. Finally, there's Nicole. She is pretty nervous, on account of her lack of social graces. She brings these into her interview by noting that Jessica plays a washed-up child star on her show. I guess this is actually true, though, since Jessica answers the question by saying that her character found out that she was pregnant while in rehab. Nicole tells us that she remembered the instruction to try to make connections between the interviewee's answer and your follow-up questions. So she asks 20-year old Jessica if she's ever had kids of her own. Laura puts her head in her hands. Yeah.

Lara and Ann give the girls their critiques, and explain that they weren't just being mean by blanking out the teleprompter -- they were seeing if the girls could think on their what? Feet. Nicole is first to get the bad news, which is that her nerves got the best of her and she asked a few really inappropriate questions. Basically, nobody wants to know if Jessica Lowndes had an abortion. Erin got up on the stage and was in control of the interview. She did a terrific job all-around. And then there's Rae. Ann and Lara were talking about her, and couldn't remember what was so special about her performance. Of course. Being memorable, Ann Shoket says, is really important, even if you're remembered for being insufferable. Lara tells Jennifer that she was unflappable, and owned it. She was impressed. Laura, sadly, was flappable. She gave the huge pause and the curse when the teleprompter went out, which was not okay. And the winner is... Erin. Yay? Ann tells Erin that she was charming and so sweet. Sundai interviews, "Erin is not charming at all. Erin is obnoxious." Ann Shoket probably has a relative view of charm. In any case, Erin gets to pick two friends to share in her Seventeen beauty story. She chooses Jennifer and Rae. Ann Shoket leaves with a customary, "Bye ladiieeeeeess! We travel with Rae, Jennifer and Erin to their photo shoot. Erin says that she's the happiest camper we've ever seen. I hate camping, and campers. She smirks her way through her shoot. Rae looks sort of ghostly. Jennifer is winning and not lazy-eyed! Who knew?

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