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Back at the house, there is a ring at the door. The girls go outside to find big presents. Jennifer immediately thinks, "Shoes!" Okay, she is hilarious. Alas, it is not shoes. Brittany reads the Tyra Mail: "Tomorrow you will be filming your first Cover Girl commercial. We have sent over kits to assist you, as you will be writing your own scripts." Oh, yeah. The kits contain Cover Girl Exact Eyelights eye makeup, a pad of paper, and a stopwatch. The Tyra Mail continues, "Each script must be 25 seconds in length. Each script must end with, 'Exact Eyelights collection, from easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl.'" And of course there's an unwritten rule that each model must smize her way through the shoot.

The girls sit down to write, and Laura is freaking out because dyslexic people have a hard time memorizing things. She looks stressed. Sundai is stressed, too, and for the most part the other girls look a bit ill at ease. Except for Erin, of course, who lets out a chipper, "Done!" Ugh, so annoying! Nicole interviews that Erin was inconsiderate with her proclamations of completion. She wonders if Erin was doing it to intimidate the rest of them. This is the girl who tried to take a bitch down in a Walmart aisle. So, yes. Nicole practices her commercial aloud on the couch, and Jennifer asks if she's going to stay up much longer. Nicole says that she'll stay up until she memorizes the stupid thing that she wrote. This turns out to be quite late, with Nicole rationalizing that she might want to put in a good commercial performance after the disastrous interview challenge. As she vows not to go home, we head to commercials.

When we return, the girls head off to a studio, where they meet Jay Manuel. He addresses them very seriously, then makes the big reveal. They can't do a Cover Girl commercial without the latest Cover Girl -- Teyona! In case you forgot, she won last season. Teyona tells the girls that when she had to do her Cover Girl commercial it was kind of a disaster, because all she was thinking about was what Cover Girl wants. In the end, she tells the girls, you should bring your true self out. Because Cover Girl is about your true self, covered in chalky makeup. Jay first wants to see the scripts. He tells the girls that he'll pull them out of hair and makeup so he can go over their dialogue with them. However, he's not going to be out on set directing them. Rather, Nigel will direct! I'm so used to seeing only the top half of Nigel at panel that when we get a glimpse of his whole body it kind of freaks me out. Especially when he's wearing jeans.

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