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The girls go to hair and makeup, where they meet wardrobe stylist Vanessa Geldbach and chat with Teyona. Teyona tells Laura how cool it is that this cycle they get to work with the Cover Girl crap-last eyeshadow AND eyeliners. Also, there's mascara! Riveting, I know. Thank goodness Teyona is there to help the girls with her stellar product placement. Jay meets with Nicole, and asks her how she sees herself as a Cover Girl. Nicole says that she's always been dorky and awkward. Jay likes it. In an interview, Nicole says that pulling off the Cover Girl commercial is essential, since you can't just be a pretty face in the modeling industry. You have to be able to project the kind of personality that a client is looking for. She doesn't sound at all stoned as she says this, which either means that she's learning or that she never actually sounded stoned in the first place. Nicole heads on set with Nigel, who gives her a tour of the set and tells her to be herself. Nicole's script starts off with, "Sometimes, I like to let my eyes do the talking." Then she totally forgets her script. Twice. And then, Nigel tells her to actually embody what she's saying... by smizing. They just won't let it go, will they? But Nicole smizes the hell out of her next take and gets applause from Nigel. He tells us that Nicole started off kind of week, but she pulled through and progressed. Victory!

Sundai is next. She starts off her commercial by saying that brown eyes can be very common, but very beautiful. She then goes crazy with the word "luckily," and Nigel tells her to tone the luckily down. Sundai continues and is sort of squeaky and weird. Nigel tells us that Sundai was disappointing, and her performance was very amateur. Back in the land of hair and makeup, Teyona asks the girls if writing their scripts was nervewracking. Jennifer cops to having nerves, then also calls out Erin for being a quick-finish asswipe. Erin interviews that right now she's very confident -- she's a winner and the other girls are going to have to deal with it. Has anyone else noticed that her entire countenance is getting yellower as the season goes on? It's either jaundice or a pissy aura.

Jennifer is up next with her commercial. She goes for the Ann Shoket market by starting her dialogue with the words, "Hey girls!" The full thing goes, "Hey girls! Did you know that no matter where you are or what you're doing it only takes three steps to brighten your eye color?" And then the exact craplights blah blah blah. Jennifer looks great and is totally a natural with the talking. Nigel tells us that Jennifer does have something, and that something is natural charm.

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