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Meanwhile, Jay meets with Laura. He asks her who she'd feel most comfortable talking to about gross makeup. Laura would feel most comfortable with her little sister, so Jay tells her to talk to her rather than read the script. Laura heads onto set with Nigel, looking lovely. She tells Nigel her story: today's her sister's birthday, and Laura has bought her Cover Girl Exact Eyelights and is explaining how wonderful they are. Nigel loves Laura's method acting approach, and then Laura confesses, "I didn't really get her nothin' for her birthday." And instead of a cake they had cowpies. If there's ever a Hee-Haw remake, this girl is a lock. And I say that with fondness, because I love her. Laura starts her commercial with the line, "Whether you're from a big city or a small town, we all want to catch someone's eye." Cute, right? But she has some serious problems remembering and delivering the lines. Laura tells Nigel that she's dyslexic and so has a hard time memorizing, and says that the best thing she can do when she messes up is to start from where she left off. Nigel tells her to stop, compose herself, and then start again. Laura does this and manages to get through the commercial. Nigel tells us that Laura did a miserable job learning her lines, but a fantastic job bringing herself and her personality to the shoot.

Makeup artist Bruce Grayson works with Brittany, espousing the virtues of the Eyelights eyeliner. And then it's time for Brittany's commercial take. She says, "In a hurry or on the go, I always enhance my natural look. Looking beautiful has never been this simple." She sounds like a more robotic GPS voice, even though the lines are clearly memorized. Nigel tells us that Brittany knew her lines the best, but was boring and robotic. Hey, that's what I just said! Nigel's robot Cover Girl impression is pretty stellar, if you can believe it.

Jay tells Rae that it's paramount for her to come off as herself in the commercial, and also be beautiful, relatable and likable. Lucky for her, she's all of those things. Not so lucky is her inability to work any enthusiasm into her reading of the line, "My true blues are constantly changing -- from clear blue skies to cloudy blue grays." And then she blanks. She stumbles a bunch, and gets frustrated with herself. Nigel tells her to pick up the pace, and adds that the essence of Rae isn't coming through. If they don't see her, he overdubs, she can't successfully represent Cover Girl. Poor Rae can't get it together, and looks rather miserable. Nigel tells us that if you can't show any personality, you can't be likable. And being likable is what being a Cover Girl and a top model is all about.

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