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Next is Brittany, who has covered up her cleavage this week even though the back of her dress is all cut out at the top. We see her best take, and Kim notes that the whole thing seemed too scripted. Nigel says that Brittany memorized her script better than anyone, but didn't put any personality into her commercial. Tyra asks Brittany what her personality is, and Brittany says she's multi-dimensional. Tyra thinks that's a hunk of crap, and says that no little girl out in the world is going to see this commercial and love Brittany because she's multi-dimensional. Tyra thinks that Brittany should have played up the mathematician angle and say something like, "I'm all about the numbers, and this product is one plus one equals three." All of the other judges praise her for this, even though it makes no sense. It must be kind of encouraging to spend your entire life surrounded by sycophants.

Nicole is next, and Tyra asks what's up with her glasses. Nicole explains that she actually can't see without them. Tyra is dubious, but Kim likes it and declares it "geek chic." Nicole's commercial isn't perfect, but I think it's totally charming and good. Nigel tells her that she started off weak, but progressed really quickly. Tyra says that it wasn't Nicole's natural personality, but it popped. The way that she says this, though, makes me think that she kind of hates Nicole. Miss J. is really into Nicole's neck extension, and likes that she kicked it up a bit. Rae is next, and is nervous about seeing herself on camera. And, oof. Her best take is pretty terrible. Tyra calls Rae out on her fake smile at the end, which is just painful. She feels Rae trying to push. It's almost there, but she actually needs a shove. Kim points out that Rae had no smile until the end of the commercial, and then she was done. Nigel wanted Rae to come through and have fun with the commercial, but she couldn't do it. Miss J. points out that Rae kept moving around, but in a weird and jerky fashion. This critique is not good news.

Sundai is next, and Miss J. lets out an, "Oh, Lord" as she approaches panel. Tyra, however, says that Sundai looks great. Not as great is Sundai's commercial. Tyra and Miss J. do a pretty fantastic impression of Sundai's weird line reading, in which they basically just call her crazy. Kim says that she was too focused on Sundai's saleswoman side, instead of her beautiful eyes. Tyra tells Sundai that her script was amazing, but she didn't have to be such a car salesman about it. And, finally, there's Erin. She admits being really frustrated at the commercial shoot, and starts crying before they even show her commercial. And then of course things get worse, because the commercial is dismal. Nigel notes that she was crying throughout the whole shoot, and her makeup had to be redone four times. She'd break down after every other word. Kim points out that, since Erin wrote the script herself, it should have been easier to memorize. Tyra tells Erin that she needs to learn the difference between what her face looks like on a still camera, and on a motion camera. The motion camera does not like her face as much as the still camera does, in part because of her tendency to keep her chin up. Metaphorically, it's a good thing. Literally, not so much. Erin is defeated.

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