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Hannah is up next, and says that for her story, she based it on her own tendency to pull away while also wanting to love. She thought that would spark an emotion. ALT says that it's one of her best photos of the entire cycle, and that her belt is fab. Tyra notes that when ALT compliments the clothing, it means that the model is selling it, which is her job. Nigel points out that Hannah, who is currently on the verge of tears, is an emotional lady. Hannah says that she does have intense emotions, but that's what her strength is. She continues to blubber that before she always thought it was a weakness, but being on this show -- where crying is rewarded with more air time and maybe even a tasty snack -- changed her perspective. Nigel bursts her goat's brain by saying that it almost became her problem on set, as she got so dramatic and into character that she lost her model. Hannah's second photo has her up close and personal with Younes, and Tyra thinks that it continues her story well. Ivan agrees. ALT nitpicks on her foot placement, and Nigel agrees that her invisible high heel is gauche and way over the top. What about modeling H2T?

Finally there's Molly, who says that her story involved Younes being less into the relationship than she was, which is a pattern in her own life. Nigel says that it's a beautiful shot, but he felt like he could have been the male model given the way she looked at him through the lens. This is also what the viewer sees, he says. I can't tell if this is a good or a bad thing. Ivan says that photography is Molly's strong point. She's very good at it, and her face is stunning. ALT thinks that Molly's foot works, as opposed to Hannah's ghastly foot. Tyra notes that Molly's body shape appeals to men and women, and that a lot of the subtle actions in her film were really beautiful. Molly's second photo is also great, and Nigel commends her for the good decisions that she made on set. He was able to follow her and dance with her on set, which is what a photographer is looking for. Ivan says that the camera loves Molly, and that she does great things. Boy, she sure has this in the bag, doesn't she? ALT agrees that the face is extraordinary, and also says something about her metaphorically dancing with Nigel that is rather incomprehensible. Tyra dismisses the girls, but not before letting them (and us!) know that the final two will be walking in a Vivienne Westwood show! Wahooo!

The judges deliberate. Brittani has demonstrated over and over again that she can model and produce great pictures, Nigel says, but the actual experience of shooting her isn't that enjoyable. Ivan says that the photographer having trouble shooting a girl is the worst phone call a manager can get. ALT, however, thinks that the photos are fabulous, and Tyra remarks that the quick backyard photo she took of Brittani gave her chills. Hannah is adorable, according to Nigel, and wears her emotions on her sleeve. Tyra wonders if she's strong enough for this industry, and Nigel notes how ironic it was that she said she was strong enough while having a tearful breakdown. Said breakdown totally turned ALT off. However, Ivan says that he's been trained to see a certain type of energy, and out of the three models just standing in the room, Hannah was radiating star quality. Tyra thinks that Hannah's first photo shows a star -- she just doesn't know if it's a star in 2011. So she thinks Hannah would rock silent movies? That's not a bad call, actually.

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