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And Then There Were Two

Molly is showing the clothes, the belt, the neck, everything. ALT says that you want to highlight everything on her with a magic marker. Tyra acknowledges that Molly might not be conscious of what she's doing, but who cares because she looks so good. Ivan says that Molly is a great photography model, but she needs to work on her energy. Tyra talks about her time talking with Molly about Emotion Day and then dancing with her, and says that she was lovely. Nigel says, "So you believed all that energy?" ALT clutches pearls, and with that the judges have reached a decision.

Three lovely young women stand before Tyra, and two will be walking in a Vivienne Westwood fashion show. There are two sets of photos in Tyra's hand. And the best photo goes to... Molly. She's our first official finalist, and also the eventual winner. Do we even have to go through another week? Tyra tells Hannah and Brittani that the judges deliberated intensely, and they had very specific reasons for why each girl was a favorite and should be a finalist. The judges said that Hannah has a face that can sell, sell, sell. Her photos throughout the competition have also shown that the girl next door can be edgy when she has the talent and fire inside of her. But what the judges are unsure of is the strength inside. Then there's Brittani. Domestically, she started off quite strongly in the competition and blew everyone away in her first shoot. Since she's crossed the Atlantic, however, her photos haven't been as strong. They wonder if she's strong enough to be an international model. So who is the second finalist? It's Brittani. They just couldn't bear to send her back to the trailer park quite yet. Tyra tells Brittani that one relatively unexplored aspect of the fashion industry is the inner strength needed by models, which prevents them from becoming bulimic coke addicts and also allows them to take criticism. This is Brittani's chance to show that her strength on the inside can be consistent in another country.

Tyra hugs Hannah and tells her that she's stunning and rare -- a girl who is so warm and friendly but also can be fierce. But they want to feel it in Hannah's heart. Actually, don't they want to feel it less in her heart? A crying (of course) Hannah says that she's kind of confused about why Tyra said she wasn't strong enough. She knows that she's an emotional person, but is definitely proud of herself. She says that this has been an amazing experience, and now she has the confidence to take risks and succeed. She just wishes that she would have been more consistent in her photographs, and thus make it to the top two. Once Hannah is out of the way, the other girls celebrate and Tyra tells them that Vivienne Westwood, Italian Vogue, and Cover Girl are in store! I guess at this stage you really couldn't be too upset about one more bitch out of the way.

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