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When we return, the girls head back to the house where Jay waits to review their videos. First we see Brittani, who says a whole bunch of Moroccan words with aplomb but then seems to forget that she's in Marrakech. From there, things start to go downhill. We see a lady painting another lady's hands with henna in the background, and Brittani's expert standing by, but none of these people say anything. Brittani then walks outside with cameras following her, thereby making things really awkward and wasting about 15 seconds. Brittani then totally interviews the street vendor dude in the tan sweater! She just asks a bunch of leading questions and he nods and replies with a slow, "...Yes." We do learn that henna symbolizes beauty and tradition and that almost every woman is obligated to wear it at a wedding ceremony. Brittani's 90 seconds is up and she's cut off just before she can say her name. Jay tells her that she set up where she was and what she was talking about, which was good, but her expert was underutilized. Then running outside was weird, and used up time needlessly. It was not great.

We see Molly's spot next. She starts off sounding totally confident and actually remembers that she's in Marrakech. Which: point one. She introduces expert Abdul and interviewee Nadia. Points for Molly for having Nadia speak and getting Abdul to translate. We learn that kohl, in fact, is used as eyeliner, just as we all initially suspected. Molly then turns it over to a demonstration about how to apply kohl to the eyes, and gets bonus points for noting that it can give you an extra-fierce smize. With ten seconds left Molly is basically done, so just says thanks and the camera person lingers on the rows of spices for a while. Molly then, with one second left, says, "That was horrible." All the girls crack up, and Jay tells her that she's on until it's cut. Hannah thinks that this will totally knock Molly out of the running, thus leaving her as the default victor.

And then we see Hannah's spot. She rambles a whole lot and seems to have a habit of forgetting what she's about to say. We do, however, learn that argan oil has anti-aging, conditioning, and "just wonderful" properties that make it useful for both men and women. Her expert says that argan oil is good for skin, body, face and hair. Her interviewee, who maybe is Dutch, seems to appreciate what argan oil has done to her formerly dry hair. Hannah tries to wrap things up, but the camera cuts her off before she can finish. Jay points out that she also had an issue with time, and that she didn't allow the people she was interviewing to explain anything on their own. Hannah is totally about to cry, per usual.

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