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Jay tells the girls that to decree the winner he's looking for the person who gave all the information, who utilized their people well, and also showed personality. In his opinion, the person who nailed all of those areas the best they could was Molly. Molly is, of course, thrilled, and tells us that she's stepping up her game and is going to win this. Hannah, meanwhile, cries as she tells us that today's challenge was totally up her alley. This is making her second guess herself a bit, though in her heart she feels like she did win. Her prize is a wet, salty face that can only be adequately moisturized with an application of argan oil.

As the girls chill out at home, Tyra enters, wearing harem pants. As Alexandria would say, it's very... cultural. Brittani says that it was awesome, because Tyra was not there as a judge, but rather as...well, I don't know what. "Friend" seems way too generous. Emotional breakdown conduit, maybe? Tyra asks the girls if they are homesick, and basically they all just don't really know what they're feeling. Molly acknowledges that they're always stressed, and then Tyra asks what she opened up about at that challenge where they had to draw stuff about their inner demons on chart paper. She calls it, "Emotion Day." When will Hallmark get on that one? Molly says she talked about her adoption, and the feeling of being unwanted. She also talked about her adoptive parents unconditionally loving her, despite what she put them through. She tells Tyra that she did drugs in high school, and would stay out and wouldn't listen to them, and they didn't deserve that. Molly tells us that she's a brat who bitches and moans, but that's what she does to hide her sadness. Tyra asks Molly if anyone's ever talked to her about what people with abandonment issues do, and Molly has been to enough therapy to know that they sabotage things and push the limits. Dr. Tyra adds that she's almost testing people to see if they'll abandon her, and is trying to leave them before they leave her. But Molly's parents never went anywhere, and Molly says that they're amazing people.

Then it's Hannah's turn to share what she did on Emotion Day. Isn't every day emotion day for Hannah? Hannah says that in middle school and high school she always felt like she wasn't enough for herself. Huh? Basically, she's got nothing. No adoption, and certainly no parental distress like Brittani is about to drop on us. Being here, Hannah has come out of her shell a lot, and she's been able to embrace her goofy side. Tyra says that she can see the rebirth in Hannah's face, and then moves on to Brittani who is clearly more interesting.

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