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When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "Are you really committed? You will be tomorrow. Love, Tyra." Is she going to go the extra mile and commit these ladies to a mental institution? Is that the locale for their final runway show? If so, I'd say that's inspired. As the girls head to their photo shoot location, Brittani says that she doesn't feel good. Someone asks if it's her stomach, and she just kind of grunts. Molly combines her clichés as she tells us that it's all or nothing at this point, and she's been to hell and back. She's gone through depression, anxiety, and rehab, which is probably where she got all that therapy. Winning this competition would be a badly-needed jump-start for her life. Two birds in the hand, etc.

The girls land at the beach, where they see Nigel photographing Jay, who is outfitted like a man who charms snakes using only his neon orange hue. This location is the jewel of the Moroccan coastline, according to Nigel, and Jay tells them that today they're really going to have a chance to prove that they can tell a story in their photographs. The girls will be outfitted in Moroccan wedding gowns, and will also be posing with a male model who could be a groom or a best man or gay best friend or whatever. Brittani is nervous about working with the male model, and says that she doesn't know what she'll do if he gets too close to her face. What a specifically odd concern. Brittani reminds us that she nailed all the lines in the Fierce Roast Coffee commercial -- it was the sexy part that she had problems with. Is that true? I don't recall that at all, but then again I have a special sieve-like short term memory slot especially for all things Top Model.

The girls head to the hair, makeup and wardrobe tents. Make-up artist Vincent Jabes is going to put very light makeup on Hannah, while hairstylist Audrey Lambert wants Molly to have a lot of hair. Male model Younes Tazi enters the tents to say hello and give the girls some cheek kisses. Jay looks all cheesed up about Younes's entrance -- much more so than any of the girls. He suggests that the girls take time to talk to Younes and figure out how he can help them make the photo work. Hannah points out that Jay wants to see chemistry and connection with the male model, and she seems excited to comply with his wishes. Molly has never worked with a male model before, and says that she kind of wants to use him as a prop. She doesn't want him to move around too much. Or get close to her face? I still don't understand.

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