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Molly is up first on set, and Nigel gives her the general piece of advice to not think about things like whether she's going to sit or stand, because those aren't emotions. What she's really going for is a narrative. Molly wears an ornate gold gown that also has some sheer bits to it, and endures a smoke machine. Jay, who continues to spot a turban and extra orange makeup, tells Molly not to ignore Younes. Today of all days, he says, you'd expect Molly to bring it. But there was more of a sensual connection between her and a wall than her and the male model. There's very little chemistry. Nigel gets all up in Younes's jock and tells Molly to feel his body and feel the heat of his body. Molly allows some body contact, and even lets Younes get close to her face. Things seem to go better at this point, however after the shoot Molly is pissed that she didn't do well. She cries a little to Jay and he says that he just wanted to let her know that there were times when she was very disconnected. However, there were also moments that felt quite genuine. Molly is very upset at the prospect of being in the bottom two.

Hannah is next, and Nigel asks what her concept is. She says that she wants to pull away from Younes, but another part of her likes having love there. Ambivalence! The easiest emotion to convey in a still photo. Hannah seems to do pretty well, but then Nigel tells her that the struggle is starting to look more like a fight. She worked well with the male model, but the look on her face was so aggressive that she lost her pretty. Still, Nigel liked the concept and the commitment to the role. Jay tells Hannah that the chemistry was apparent, but sometimes the emotion takes over too much. He adds that it's a small note. Hannah, who is gorgeous in her red gown, is pretty happy with her shoot, and tells us that Jay liked what she was doing. She did everything today that she could possibly do.

Brittani, meanwhile, tells us that it's do or die time Wardrobe stylist Maria Cristina Petrone outfits her in gold and red. Is she wearing a dickie? Is that traditional? Brittani's narrative is that she's happy to be with Younes, but also over it. Nigel likes the idea of going to a place of "whatever." Happily for Brittani, she thus doesn't have to let Younes get close to her face. Jay says that it was apparent that Brittani had disdain for the male model, and that she stepped on set thinking that she had it in the bag. Jay tells her that her story isn't being told 100%, and compares her negatively to Hannah. He asks her to dig into a real emotion. A tearful Brittani tells us that when it comes to being sexy and intimate, she just can't do it yet. She's not an actor, and so is frustrated. She starts to cry on set after her critique from Jay. Nigel tells us that she looked stunning, but she can't cry every time she gets photographed in order to truly emote. A flashback reminds us that she did this when Nigel photographed her in week seven. She has to pull from within, he says. Younes gets close to Brittani's face and then thank heaven the shoot is over.

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